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State wings 9th witnesses’ cross-examination in the tribunal: I saw Muzahid with Pak army ZIP is not confirmed; persecution arguments start of Kader Mullah’s case.
Thursday, 20 December 2012
Defense lawyers have cross-examined prosecution’s 9th witness against
former minister and Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Ali Ahsan
Mohammad Muzahid last yesterday. Witness said his deposition I saw him
hundred-yards away from my house with Pak Army Zip but it is not
confirm. Because it was a very short time, when I come down. It also
is a few seconds when I ran away from here. The case next date has
been set for December 6. He just said his deposition that I saw him
with Pak Army’s car but it’s not clear. The International Crimes
Tribunal -1 which is under leadership of Chairman Obaidul Hasan and
witnesses cross-examination was recorded by other two members Muzibur
Rahman Miah and Sahinur Rahman. Senior Defense lawyers Advocate Syed
Mizanur Rahman has cross-examined witness in the tribunal. Then
present in the tribunal Advocate Nazrul Islam, Barrister Munshi Ahsan
Kabir, Advocate Shahjahan, and Advocate Gazi HM Tamim. Advocate
Mohammad Ali has started case of crimes against humanity of
Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general Abdul Kader Mullah.
Prosecution argument will run today.
Significant part of the witness cross-examination in the below…………
Q: where is your home?
Answer: My house south.
Q: How far from the road?
A: Hundred yards south of the road.
Q: What was the height of the boundary wall?
Answer: 5 feet. Gate was 10 feet wide.
Q: Where did you pass S. S .C?
Answer: From Kushtia khokasar janipur school.
Q: Had teacher at your school as a name of Nani Babu.
Answer: Yes, correct.
Q: your school life spent out of Faridpur?
Answer: Yes, correct.
Q: Did you go to Maulana Abdul Ali’s house ( Muzahid father)?
A: No.
Q: did not have identity with son of Maulana Abdul Ali?
A: No.
Q: Did you know Jahangir?
A: Yes.
Question: Jahangir came up to catch him?
A: Yes.
Q: You jump into the water.
A: It was not a pond or canal.
Q: Do you have described this incident was recorded in a book?
A: no.
Q: What was up with Jahangir?
A: He was dressed and not with weapons.
Q: Who was present that day?
A: parents, brother, sister.
Q: What was color of the car?
A: olive color.
Q: How will the jeep was in the car without a driver did not see anyone else.
A: Wrong.
Q: Where has given deposition with investigation officer?
A: my own house.