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Deposition of 7th witnesses against Muzahid in the Tribunal
Friday, 30 November 2012
Seventh witness Ranjit Kumar Nath has given deposition in the tribunal -1 against former Minister, Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid’s so called crimes against humanity on Tuesday. Witnesses said his deposition that he saw Muzahid to meeting in the mid-1971 at a meeting in Faridpur Circuit house with the Pakistani army.The International Criminal Tribunal -2 which made by Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir and Obaidul Hasan and the other two members of the deposition and partial cross-examine witnesses recorded by Sahinur. Defense counsel Munshi Ahsan Kabir tribunal party\\\'s lawyers cross-examine of the witness. The Pakistani army and witnesses said his deposition with his description of torture and torture against specific level, but there is a charge and did not want. In another
case against the fugitive Maulana Abul Kalam ayadera Due to the three prosecution witnesses who appeared before the tribunal. Three witnesses are Mojaher Sikadar, Dhala Matababar and Ranjit Kumar Nath. Ranjit Kumar Nath has given evidence against Muzahid.  Deposition of witnesses which in the below………..
My name is Ranjit Kumar Nath. Fathers name late Ramesh Chandra Nath. My Age is 70 years old. I am farmer. During war my age was 20. I was involved with the Awami League. I had a meeting procession. After coming Pakistani army in the Faridapure after 21 April in 171 then I was stayed in other place. I assume protection of the city from the suburbs. I found the first week of June - news for the town. When I go through the village of East khabas Pure then they bring me and take me in Bachchoo Rajakarers camp.  They beat up and bring me in circuit houses rickshaw at Faridpur. They said to Pak Army that we have brought a freedom fighter. Then Muzahid and others were doing meeting. Muzahid said take him from here. Bachchoo, Kalu Bihari , and Abul bring me eye tied in Faridpur District School beat me and tied with palm tree. A little later the sound of a car I still had my eyes fixed. I hear someone saying shut
and slaughter now. As a result my teeth and nose were injured. They tortured me one hour. I beat the bell fade. Murray sticks with the rifle butt. After receipt of the O\\\'Meara house would give me a room.
It was not my knowledge. Before evening return my knowledge. Dhalu take some curry- rice by fled into the house for me. He said that we do not have anything to say. So I as stayed in medical camp to
treatment. The partial cross-examination in the below……….
Q: What is your birth year?
Answer: 1951.
Q: What was your occupation in the ‘71?
Answer: Agricultural work.
Q: How did you study?
Answer: Eight or Nine.
Q: What was the structure of Muktijudda Council on March ’71 in Farid pure?