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State wings 9th witnesses’ deposition in the tribunal: one person showed Muzahid from in forests away on’71.
Tuesday, 11 December 2012
State wings 9th witness Narayan Chandra (from Farid Pur) has given
deposition against so called crimes against humanity former minister
and Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid on
the last Thursday. He said in his deposition in the tribunal that I
was very small during war of 1971. I could not remember everything in
that time. I fled with Siddhisary in the forests. Sidhisary told me
that there comes Gafur and Muahid with army. Then I did not know
Muzahid. The International Crimes Tribunal -2 Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir
and the other two members Obaidul Hasan and Sahinur Islam was recorded
witnesses cross examination and deposition. Defense lawyer Advocate
Syed Mizanur Rahman was questioned of witness in the tribunal. The
next 12 December has been set for trial. Defense lawyers also
cross-examine to the 8th witnesses.
9th witness testimonials in the below……..
My name is Narayan Chandra Sarker. My age is 54 years. My father name
is Pitamt Manik Chandra. Village name is Harisabha, PS- Kotayali, and
District- Faridpur. We lived in the Balia Danga Village before ’71. I
deal in wood business at now. I was 14 years old in the liberation
war. I was a small during war. I could understand nothing. I took out
a caw beside the road to tie with the tree in the morning.  Then I saw
people running. They said me that you ran away while The army is
coming. Siddhisary took me in the forest. He told me that Razaker is
coming so don’t talk. He showed me that Gafur and Muzahid are going
with Pakistani army. When they passed us then we came out from the
forest. We see Boddha Dangi, Bhangi Dangi and Majhi Dangi village is
firing. Our village is not firing by army. Then I started to find my
mother. I hear sound shut. One person was died by shut his name is
Pruffulla. Numerous dead bodies were mass graved when we arrived home
after coming two days later.Investigation officer’s deposition in the
I do not know Muzahid .I saw him in the childhood. 8th witnesses
Cross-examine in the below……….
Q: what’s your position in your 8 brothers?
A: I am second.
Q: what are your two elder brothers at ‘71?
A: study and business.
Q: Where your Grand- father house?
A: Sirajadikhan’s  kusumapur but we never go there.
Q: What’s your educational qualification?
A: till Class Eight.
Q: Do you know Maulana Ali Road?
A: Yes it’s situated at west Khabashpur.
Q: where would be greatest Eid ul Azha’s Jamaat in Faridpur.
A: Razandra College field where Imam was Maulana Abdul  Ali.
Q: Have any company in the Khabashpur?
A: No.
Q: How many sons of Abdul Ali had during ’71?
A: I cannot say.
Q: when did you know Mr. Muzahid from?
A: I would know him when he studded at Rajendra College.
Q: Did you know anybody else of Chattra Sangha’s leader?
A: No I didn’t know without Muzahid.
Q: Have any student organization without Chattra Sangha?
A: PDP and Muslim.
Q: That’s time was Chattra League?
A:  No
Q: Did you have personal identity with Muzahid?
A: Yes.
Q: How did come Army?
A: I left town at
Q: Where did you go for shelter?
A: away from town
Q: when did you come to town?
A: In the Victory day.
Q: Why did you go to Bhanga?
A: For life security.
Q: Had any uniform of Razaker and Al-Bdr?
A: khaki dress but they wore civil dress.
Q: Did you skip of army camp area?
A: Yes.
Q: what’s type of color of Army’s car?
A: Olive color.
Q: Did you politics?
A: Yes I am a president of Shechasabok Dall at 4 number wards.
Q: Had any litigation against Razaker at Faridpur?
A: Yes.
Q: was Syed Nazrul Huda a Al-badr?
A: I don’t know.
Q: When did Pakistani army take Nannu?
A: I cannot say but when it was raining.