Friday, 04th December, 2020
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Maulana Sayedee at tribunal: I'll be plaintiff in the last day of trial.
Saturday, 08 December 2012
The trial will be process with the last two seasons by doubtlessly
said- world prominent Islamic scholar Jamaat-e-Islami nayebe Amir
Maulana Delawar Hossain Sayedee. One is earthly court, another one is
henceforth court. Today, I am innocent helpless defendant and you are
the judge of this court. The second judge will be held of another
trial of resurrection. Here, God will become a judge. That’s day I
will plaintiff of the judgment. Those who oppress me, they will
defendants. He said after permission of ending common arguments of
both side which headed by three member of tribunal 1\'s Chairman
Justice Nizamul Haque. His full statement in the Tribunal’s mention
Honorable Court,
I am Delawar Hossain Sayedee, I am also familiar with the common
people as a Delawar Hossain Sayedee of 56 thousand square miles of
District and Thana of Bangladesh. I am not Razaker Delawar Sikder or
Delu which was made by investigation officer witnesses Helal Uddin.
Current political government (so called democratic) to take revenge of
me, so Helal Uddin was imposed mission against me.  My name has been
corrupted for decreasing of my dignity by taking government and party
order of 20 false charges against me which made by worst person Mr.
Helal Uddin. My family identity, educational qualifications, student
life also including murderer, rapists, women Supplier, and Pakistani
forces cross fire alter ego, in one word investigation officer made a
4 thousand pages documents present tribunal with his personal views
against me. It is not possible to worst false publication of Muslim,
if has faith of hereafter and fear of death, punishment of hell by
Allah against of another Muslim which has done only ideological and
political feud cause.
Honorable Court,
The trial will be process with the last two seasons doubtlessly. One
is earthly court, another one is henceforth court. Today, I am
innocent helpless defendant and you are the judge of this court.
According to political view to fulfill of political revenge against
me, then those who are desperate of innocent person oppression by
power full man, the second day they will accuse in Resurrection Day
doubtlessly. I\'ll be plaintiff in that day. The most powerful,
emperor, emperor’s emperor, the exclusive owner of sky and
sovereignty, Allah will be greatest judges of all trial in the court
which will submit by me. He said, Almighty Allah said in the Holly
Quran…..  Of At-Teen 08 number verse -\"Allah is the best judge of all
judges is not right\"? Allah also said, Dokhan’s verse number 16, \"One
day I\'ll return strictly punished them and must be taken revenge.\"
Honorable Court,
I pledge name of the great power of Allah, our lives is hands of almighty
in the court. I blaspheme on touché of the Quran that, your court has
been brought the number of complaints about me my location was not
present in a thousand million miles. A description of the complaint is
raise d which is not correct. By the oath of Allah! My name has been
added with accident the purpose of politically cause. There is no
relationship with all the complaints.
Honorable Court,
I hope you will not injustice to me to avoid of all kinds of anger and
all kinds of pressure and realize of false and truth, and also avoid
of all kinds of effects as well as fear of Allah, punishment of hell.
May Allah help you! Those who were conspired against me only fulfill
of political issue, worst case from the extremely false, to train
false witness and mental pains for me, I was deprived by you to reach
the Quran attributes in the numerous countries people. My relatives
were cried by you; decrease my dignity by socially, I pray for them so
that may Allah give guidance. If they did not give guidance them then
my beloved, my liver slices child, my fans/well-wisher has been
dropped water from eyes due to this payment as a punishment for them
before death by Almighty Allah. I pray so that, Allah did not death
them without punishment in the country. I pray that, Allah’s curse
sent of liars and freethinker as an uncountable. The hell is permanent
address for them.