Friday, 29th May, 2020
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State wings 8th witness has given deposition in the Tribunal
Friday, 07 December 2012
State wings 8th witness Mir Lutfor Rahman (Faridpur) has given
deposition against Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general and former
minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid about so called alleged crimes
against humanity on last Wednesday. But he could not testify to bring
a complaint specific against him. Witnesses said his deposition, Mr.
Muzahid was gone as a hero with sword in his hand during liberation
war. Meanwhile war, he often comes out of Faridpur. The International
Criminal Tribunal -2 ATM Fazle Kabir and chairman of Obaidul Hasan and
the other two members were taken deposition and partial
cross-examination recorded witnesses by Sahinur. Defense counsel
Munshi Ahsan Kabir tribunal party\'s lawyer cross-examine of the
witness. Defense party’s lawyers will cross-examine today is Thursday.
Witnesses said that, Muzahid was leader of the Al Badr. He would often
come Faridpur and Dhaka. He was consulted of others about who will
bring it over in the Circuit House. Bachchoo Rajakar also sat there.
 Partial cross-examination in the below:
Q: What time of the year was given deposition of  investigation officer?
A: Do not think of months or years. It may be in 2010.
Q: Who was your investigation officer?
A: Abdur Razzak.
Q: Can you tell your date of birth?
Answer: In 1955,