Thursday, 09th July, 2020
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Mrs Afifa Azam wishes happy birthday to Prof Ghulam Azam
Thursday, 08 November 2012
Mrs Afifa Azam, wife of detained former Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer and eminent Islamic Scholar Professor Ghulam Azam, has greeted one behalf of the family members to the professor on the occasion of his 90th birth anniversary.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mrs Azam said that the elderly Jamaat leader Professor Ghulam Azam has been passing days with untold repression for last ten months in jail.

She said that the incumbent government has been hatching conspiracy against the Jamaat leader in the name of crimes against humanity trial that is being actually staged to humiliate him politically.

She said that it’s known to all of the people across the world that the allegations brought against him are ill-motivated and fabricated. Afifa said that millions of people have been praying for Prof Azam.

She said that verdict of death comes from the above, thus we aren’t afraid of your life and we become inspired by your faith and trust in almighty Allah.

She recalled a quote of the leader that made just before arrest—I had involved in the Islamic movement to become a martyr and I never afraid of jail, torture even capital punishment. I will be a martyr, if I will be sentenced with capital punishment.

She said that we don’t afraid of your life and a real Muslim doesn’t do so, but sometimes we feel distress knowing the tortures on you. We pray and hope your long live and good health.