Friday, 14th August, 2020
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Abdul Quader Mullah’s case: Due to cross-examine the defense witnesses to be witnesses.
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general Abdul Quader Mollah’s Investigating Officer of the case (aio) Abdur Razzak Khan has asked last question. The International Crimes Tribunal on Sunday - it\'s the 3-member tribunal headed by Justice ATM Fazle Kabir whom Mullah Abdus Subhan partisan lawyers cross-examine the officer investigating the case.
Quader Mollah accept evidence on behalf of the clearing of the hearing will be held on Monday.
Acuused party’s days at the end of the hearing will be set. Note that the cross-examination at the end of the investigation against Abdul Kader Mollah prosecution testimony is taken.
Investigating officer in the case against Quader Mollah acused party refers to cross-examine the witness Amir Hossain Mollah and Nur jahanera’s deposition. Investigating officer Abdur Razzak Khan presented the deposition of the 8 October Tribunal. Deposition was started at the end of asamipaksera lawyer cross-examine him. The investigation officer manoyara begam with 11 witnesses evidence In the tribunal against Abdul Kader Mollah . After questioning them by lawyer.
The investigation officer said his deposition response to a question, he Keraniganj during investigation the watch list of 11 of 5 were received martyrdom. The 11 people are killed - Osman gani, Golam Mostafa, dervish Ali, Ali petition, Raja Miah, Abdur Rahman, Abdul Quadir, SOHRAB Hossain, Abdul Latif, Nazrul Islam and Mohammad Ali. Investigation officer, said he tadantakale one person was named Mullah MA Quadir, who in 1977 Fisheries Development Organization Director (Finance) as cakarirata, and he was a member of a senate. His home district is Barguna. He is currently living Uttara in Dhaka.
Quader Mollah in 1971 and lived in New convict Abdul Kader Mollah was Frid pure lived in his home village, it is not true. Investigation officer, said Mullah Abdul Faridpur Rajendra College in 1966 BSC on the first year of involvement with politics, later joined Satra Sangh.