Saturday, 15th August, 2020
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The Tribunal -2 alerts to The Daily Sangram’s journalist Shahed matiur about Published two news.
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
The Tribunal -2 alerts to The Daily Sangram’s journalist Shahed matiur about Published two news.
The Jamaat leader Abdul Kader Mollah Sunday morning to investigate the case of an officer questioning at last Thursday\'s news of the Tribunal – 2 .Tribunal member was a Justice Obaidul Hasan would like to know who journalists of The Daily Sangram.This time Shahed Motiur introduce himself then Obaidul Hasan said to him to come forward.
Then he (Hasan Obaidul) want to know the work of the Tribunal on Thursday released Friday, the tribunal deposition of a witness in the fraud, as this report has Son said Shahed said, I\'ve report.
Obaidul Hasan then said,\'s newspapers have already been identified in a report by one of the witnesses for the maid.
Who did the report? Shahed replied that I did report. Obaidul said, the people do not want the maid? The witness said the maid had been neglected. The key to a job is not the maid?
Another member of the Tribunal sahinur Islam said, Do you know the meaning of fraud? The report fraudulent use of the word Matiur Rahman Shahed replied and explained the background to give the sahinur by stopped and said to him, extreme argument. It\'s your mistake. You acknowledge mistakes. In addition, many of you have said. Do you want to say we (required) fake favor it. The word fraud is averted. It was just prosecutor mistake. It was not a fraud. You do not have any journalism.  You make best use of people before journalism. Otherwise leave this job.Then Shahed Motiur said, My Lord that the day of the event may have been my fault because I was not alarmed I will be more careful in the future to write the report. He acknowledges his own mistake in the tribunal.The report referred to by the prosecutor or defense on behalf of any objection or protest any time. The Tribunal spontaneously has alerted journalists the Daily Sangram both the news.