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State wings 6th witnesses’ deposition and cross-examine in the tribunal: The Day plunge into the water hyacinth was hidden down my face and hear Muzahid’s name from people
Thursday, 22 November 2012
Malek Mia (from Farid Pur ) has given deposition against former Minister, Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid on last Tuesday.Witness said in deposition that he had never seen himself of three village events in 1971. However, at the time of the incident happens, the people had heard that he was a Muzahid. However, in response to defense questioning parties who have heard about this event and want to tell them because I refuse to hear the tribunal. Witnesses said, the day I was hiding under my house next to a plunge in the water hyacinth. Then I have heard. In response to cross-examine witnesses Abdul Malek Mia said, I did not know Muzahid as a son of Maulana Abdul alim during war. I could not tell specifically where i heard name Muzahid. I known him after become minister. The International Crimes Tribunal-2 has recorded witness’s deposition and cross-examines led by Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir, and the other two members Obaidul Hasan and Sahinur Islam on the last Wednesday. Defense lawyer Mizanul Islam has given cross-examine of tribunal party. Also present main defense team\'s lawyer Barrister Abdur Razzak tribunal, counsel Munshi Ahsan Kabir, Advocate SM hahjahan, advocate Tamima. Prosecution will appear seventh witness next  7 November.Testimonials in the below………………….
My name is Abdul Malek Mia. Father Pares Ullah, My permanent address -Village kajem matababar, PS Faridpur district. Current Address - 12/1 South Tepa khula Faridpur, municipality. My current age 75/76 years old. I\'ve passed metric in 1958. In 1971, we lived in the village kajem Matababarer Char during war. Pakistani army were killed many people and burn Home in Dhaka Pilkhana and Rajarbagh on 25 March 1971. At that stage I was president of Awami League Digrir char.The leader of the Pakistani army - about workers and Hindus were injured and killed them whenever they had. I remember 21 April in 71 from, the Pakistani army shower shell then i stay at Goyalanda. They were killed many people and i hear that Muzahid was involve here but I do not know how many will be dead. It is estimated that will be 30/40.
Q: How was your birth date?
Answer: I cannot birth date.
Q: Where was your house in 71?
Answer: My house was turning decree.
Q: Kajem Matababara a union?
Answer: dikrir char Union.
Q: Where is Tepa khola?
Answer: Faridpur town.
Q: What is the name tepa khola side of the river?
Answer: Bhuba neswar River.
Q: What was your job?
Answer: I was Student
Q: Since you live in Tepa khola?
Answer: Since I was 00 again.
Q: Where do you voters?
Answer: South Tepa khola.
Q: have you selected?
A: I have selected 3step as a UP chairman.
Q: Did you involved in politics?
Answer: I did not politics after break house by the river.
Q: the date of April 21, 1971 was bangle month?
Answer: Jyaistha months. I cannot speak.
Q: I want politics unacceptable and must be ineligible to teach you to
think of the false testimony?
A: It cannot be true.