Wednesday, 05th August, 2020
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Abdul Quader Mullah’s party witness’s harassment in many ways
Thursday, 22 November 2012
Abdul Quader Mullah’s lawyer Advocate Farid Uddin Khan expressed concern about harassment and fear in many ways of Bangladesh jamaat -e- Islami  assistant secretary general Abdul Quader Mollah who was
accused of so called Crimes against humanity. Note that, Abdul Quader Mollah was given evidence yourself as a witness last 15/11/2012. He was given evidence that he had live in Farid Pur during liberation war. Farid Uddin Khan said, after giving his deposition from the administration the police, some senior officials and other prominent individuals give intimidation and death threats to them by phone and call those who were eye witness of Quader Mullah. Advocate Farid said, because of local public dissatisfaction and a Warner transmission has been pressed. They said trying to fear is to hide the evidence of Abdul Kader Mollah rose against the vanity. Witness is pending case of fear - fear and intimidation in order to show that justice is hampered despicable. The house phone and call the witnesses do not come to the witness by threats and fear - fear by showing the process flow, let’s talk about a different sector than nothing. He called upon the
concerned authorities to refrain from this type of work in the nasty.