Friday, 14th August, 2020
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More 6 witnesses approve of Quader Mollah and application is rejected of re-examination of 4 state wings witnesses: state wings 14th witness
Friday, 16 November 2012
International Crimes Tribunal-2 has dismissed two applications on
behalf of assistant secretary general Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Abdul
Quader Mollah. Quader Mollah’s lawyer Advocate
Farid Uddin Khan was applied for increasing counter evidence 6 from 12
people and re-cross –examination of state wings 4 witness last Sunday.
Defense lawyer Barrister Abdur Razzak was hearing two applications
last Monday morning. Three members of tribunal which headed by Justice
Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir has ordered to declare two applications after
lunch. Quader Mollah lawyers apply Tribunal to increase from 6 to 12
witnesses of him. On the hand, they also apply to re-cross-examine
witnesses against Kader Mollah. Quader Mullah’s lawyer Barrister Abdur
Razzak said in the tribunal if 6 witnesses were determined then we
will not get justice. So they want to cross-examine again.
It is also necessary in the interest of justice. On the other hand
prosecutor Mohammad Ali appeals against hearing. He said that there is
no opportunity this type of application in the litigation.
It is against of tribunal law. Note that, tribunal order 6 witnesses
of Quader Mullah on last 5 November. Defense witnesses will testify
next 15 November in the tribunal. Quader Mollah party has submitted
965 people list as a witness. Meanwhile, investigation officer (IO)
Abdur Razzak Khan and Manowara Begam has given evidence against Abdul
Quader Mullah.
Accused party’s lawyers have completed their questioning. On the other
hand, International crimes Tribunal-2 has fixed re date of 14th
witness against bangladesh jamaat -e- Islami assistant secretary
general Mohammad kamaruzzaman on 15 November Thursday. Syed Abdul
Hannan will give testimony against kamaruzzaman. Last Sunday was set
for taking testimony of witnesses. State wings prosecutor Rana Dash
Gupto has apply of witness’s ill.The three-member tribunal headed by
Justice ATM Fazle Kabir order re-set on Thursday. Assigned to same
reason stated at the time of the taking of evidence 5 November.
 After that 12 November is set to take the testimony in the Tribunal.
But they could not appear witnesses.