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The second investigation officer exam end: cross-examination today of first man, during Tribunal Abdul Qader Mollah was ill and direction for admitting in the hospital. 21th October is witnesses’ cross- examination against Muzahid.
Thursday, 18 October 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary general Abdul Quader Mollah case against the alleged crimes against humanity during the trial on Tuesday, he suddenly became sick in the court then sent him Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital for medical treatment, by Tribunal - 2.
 Defense lawyer will cross-examine next 2th 4th October witness Shaheen Reza Noor against The Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general and former government minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Muzahid.
Although cross-examination date was Tuesday but Because of personal problems of witness\'s this date has been reset.
International Criminal Tribunal - the - chairman of the three-member tribunal headed by Justice ATM Fazle Kabir activities during the trial Mullah who is sick so send him to the hospital of BIRDEM. The Tribunal directs to take him kasimapur central jail
Quader Mollah severe chest pain at the and senior lawyer Barrister Abdur Razzak said to draw attention’s Tribunal that honorable Tribunal, if to take him in the Kashim pur central jail then need at least two hours.But this time, if something worse had the obligation - Who will take responsibility? Tribunal may order that at least one of these, who were taken to hospital to mollah way of kasimapur .After a short order of the Tribunal to take hospital of Quader mullah.
The investigation officer manowara Begum of the case against Abdul Quader Mullah during questioning his lawyer informed illness of him and
Tribunal wants to know about Mullah physical conditions
Defense lawyers said chest pain of Quader Mollah at court from the dock behind the judges sitting in his seat near of front.
He said, the Honorable Court, I have been a couple of days experiencing chest pain at one side. I have been Open heart surgery before long day. Also Diabetics problems.
Why pain chest is still will not know without a checkup. I would checkup and treatment regularly in BIRDEM. But I do not want a checkup.
The Tribunal – 2 member Sahinur said, we had an order for your treatment by us. What have you been taken BIRDEM?
Quader Mollah said, don’t take me BIRDEM.
Kasimapur jail has no heart medical treatment.
After sent to hospital and absence of Quader Mollah’s lawyer Advocate Abdus Sobhan Tarafder has taken cross-examination of investigation officer Manowara Begum.
Defense wings will cross-examine chief investigation officer in the case to Abdur Razzak Khan.
Q: Did you come evidence (supplementary case diary) with SCD?
Answer: Yes, I came to court today with SCD.
Q: Did you go to Chittagong on the basis recorded deposition which know Dr. Sajid Hussain against Mullah t what information is which the attestation of you?
Answer: his writing, “Akattur er Juddtha Sishu “ a book which Dr. Sajid Hossain. The book is based on the information I get. Sajid Hossain accepts deposition.
Q: When did you go to Chittagong?
Answer: 21/3/2011 on the road with force, and reached at 5 pm afternoon.
Q: Where were live 21-22 March?
Answer: The Circuit house.
Q: what you are doing at 22/ 3/11?
Answer: We have questioned several witnesses. Investigation was busy. We have a lot of work.
Q: Do you look into the work that you\'ve recorded everything SCD?
Answer: Yes.
Q: What have SCD date of 22/3/11?
Answer: No, have not.
Question: How were meeting with Dr Sajid Hossain?
Answer: I requests over telephone that come to him in the circuit house.
Question: What would work of Dr. Sajid Hussain?
Answer: He was walking in the Marine Academy.
Q: Did you sign type of attestation?
Answer: Yes, it was.
Question: you did not sign and date of type attestation of Dr. Sajid Hossain?
Answer: It is not true.
Q: When did you come back from here?
Answer: I could not say time and date.
Q: When will the day come?
Answer: I could not say without SCD.
Q: In this case the day when they investigate a case recorded by diaries?
Answer: Yes.
Q: When did Shahriar Kabir ‘s deposition taken by you?
Answer:  date 27/8/11 and 25/10/11. I was not questioned in this case.
Q: How many have received Shahriar Kabir deposition?
Answer: We have to take a deposition in two days.
Q: Where have taken his deposition?
Answer: Shahriar Kabir’s house at -16 C maha khali.
 Question: How many copies of the deposition’s Shahriar Kabir?
Answer: We have signed two copies of an investigation of another submit to officer.
Q: When has taken Muntasir Masum’s deposition?
A: It took two days of the date of 17/7/11 and 17/8/11.
Q: When have received Feradausi Prio bhasini’s deposition?
Answer: it was received 19 / 02 / 11 and 6/7/11.
Q: Where did you receive?
The deposition was taken his rented house No. - 38, Road No. 3, Dhanmondi.
Q: when questioned Sakhina Helal, Zulfikar Ali monik, aku Chowdhury?
Answer: take the deposition of sakhinake 10/8/11, Zulfikar war of / 6/11 and 3/8/11 and saku Chowdhury / 10/11.
Q: how and where has been sent questioning momena Begum?
Answer: When can know about Mukktijuddtha Museum, Mirpur 10 jalladakhana badyabhumi smrtipitha – and then aksed Momena Begum. Investigation officer went to momena Begum’s home.
Q: What was collected Momena Begum Identity?
Answer: No, I need to think. However, during his interrogation
Q: When you went to jallad khana?
Answer: 13/8/11 at 10.10am.
Question: How did ask as a expert witness?
Answer: 4 people.
Q: How did ask suffered person?
Answer: 3 people.
Q: Who was victim?
Answer: Ferdausi Begum, Selina Helal and Momena.
Q: You\'ve asked as a Momena who is real physical Momena but she is not victimize
A: It cannot be true.
Q: You do not go to the spot created by the fictitious report.
A: It cannot be true.
Q: When you joined the police?
Answer: I have joined the police as a sub -inspector at 1977.
Q: In this case the venue you have not visited.
Answer: I did a spot inspection, by the investigation officer.
Q: In case you are questioned by the investigating officer?
Answer: Yes, I would like to ask you. Has more than once.
Q: If you testify in this case as part of the investigation.
Answer: I am part I.O.
Q: You have the right to investigate the true secret to submit a summary report.
A: It cannot be true.