Friday, 14th August, 2020
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Accept evidence at 11 November: The Tribunal-2 has given permission 6 counter evidence within 965 witnesses of Quader Mullah; kamaruzzaman’s litigation next date is 12November.
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
The Tribunal-2 has given permission 6 counter evidence within 965 witness’s wings of so called war criminals Bangladesh Jamaat-e- Islami Assistant Secretary General Quader Mullah .The International Crimes Tribunal-2 has given order limit list of counter evidence of Quader Mullah on Monday.QuaderMollah’s parties these witnesses will start accept testimony on next 11 November. At first Tribunal order only 4 counter evidence of QuaderMollah’s party. But defense teamlawyerAdvocate FaridUddin Khan apply that at least 25 witness allow giving evidence to the tribunal Chairman. According to his application and request, the tribunal has given increase 1 witness. Another defense teamlawyerAdvocate AbdusSubhanTarafder appeal to the Chairman he said- My Lord, we have submitted965 witness list please give us at least 10 witness. ButChairman has passed these applications and he allows giving evidence increase6 people. On the other hand The date was fixed of accept witness against another assistant secretary general of Bangladesh Jamat-e- Islami –MD: Kamaruzzaman but state wings and prosecutor was not present in the court. The Tribunal has reset date of this litigation on next 11 November.
Note that, Defense wings has submitted 965 people list in the tribunal for party of Abdul Quader Mullah. But ProsecutorMohammad Ali appeal to limit of de3fense wings witness after ending cross-examination of state party’s investigation officer and witness on last day. Defense teamlawyer Advocate Tazul Islam said to tribunal after hearingapplication that we will prejudice if give our witness limitation. This will create obstacle of justice. Tribunal Chairmansaid, prosecutor apply that about limitation of defense witnesses. Then Tazul Islamsaid, we will not provide more witness in spite of long list of we hope do not limit our witness interest of justice. Prosecutor Mohammad Ali said after hearing long list has given for delayof the litigation. We hope tribunal order that, limitation of the list of defensewitnesses do not give a leaser time. After hearingboth sidesTribunal chairman order that next time is lunch later.After lunch, TribunalOrder that
Defenseparty list is Limited.