Monday, 01st June, 2020
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MawlanaSaidy said to Tribunals judges: you propel to adjudicate an invisible hand type hearing.
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islaminayebe Amir, world famous Muffasscir Quran MaulanaDelawarHossainSaidy againstbefore his final arguments was not given him in the Tribunal for talking something. According to this application talk something in the Tribunalformer ministry BNP leader seniorlawyer Barrister Moudud Ahmed,former president of Supreme Court Association,BarCouncil Vice Chairman Advocate KhandakerMahbubHossainsaid about MawlanaSaidy.Although this applicationwas hearing for 1 hour,but it was rejected by the Tribunal ChairmanNizamulHauque.Yesterday afternoon after lunch break bring MawlanaSaidy in the court.Tribunal invited tosubmitarguments to state wings prosecutor Syed Haider Ali. When MawlanaSaidy was stand up in the court then he was not seen his lawyer so he wants to say something. But the court did not allow him. Then he said with tribunal chairman during conversation you are flurry about my judge. That’s proving which default invisible hand wastrying to arbitrate about me. At first take them salam……… the court,
Dear All,
In the morning hearingContinueabout my petition, but then did not bringme in the court room. Whenbrought me to the court, then had no lawyers present.Why did not bring me during hearingpetition?

Why are not present my lawyers in the court? You do not give me a change for talking and also my what’s benefit present me in the court? The tribunal chairman said at the time, nothing to do for you. You can ask your lawyer why they are not present in the court. Saidy replied that you could not carry on the court without my lawyers. You give time and give opportunity for my lawyer. Then Chairman said nothing to do for that. Saidy said so please give change. Chairman said
After ending prosecutions argument, then you will say by your lawyer.MaulanaSaidy said, you exactly remember that in the charge Framing’s day when you asked me that you are guilty or not guilty? Then I was talking 5/7 minutes.Then you said Mr.Saidy give you much time.When will come your time then you talk details. You will be given sufficient time. Whydid not talk me? You have started an argument! When will you give me to talk? The Chairman said that the law will run its own pace.Saidy also said I was accused. The trial has started for 40-yearoldimpeachment. You could not deprive me of talking. If startedargument then there will not opportunity to speak. The entire world was recognized for talking right about accused.
You said that the court was not your friends or not your is high time for prove that. One of worst false statements is mentioned here but you did not permission for talking which is your responsibility in the earth about me. If you do not change me, then you responsible yourself. When was given evidence against me then you listen softly but you did not give me scope about my talking.

MaulanaSaidy said, Heard around, that government minister –said everywhere 2/3 cases will be doneverdictwithin December. Those who were sited beside you may his name is Mr. Jahangir Hossainnew judges of the Tribunal.a few days ago he said that , prosecutionsGovt. peoplecannot say these way.But you don’t change me for talking which means that a defaultinvisible handtryingto arbitrate justice.
Chairman said,Mr.Saidy If you said which is well
However, we there is no opportunity of talking our law for accused.
MaulanaSaidy said, There are major false are bring about me. My elder sonlistening false statement of prosecution so has died of heart attack.My mother has died8 months could not endurestatements.I am mentally and physically ill. Every sentence, every word,every full stop, everycomma was wrong which mentioned against me.
Chairman said true topics are mentioned in justice.
Saidy said this pray of Allah. After that he sit down in the court when disapprove of talking.  Then he pass his time in the court till 4.00pm.