Sunday, 12th July, 2020
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Arguments was started of government party against Saidy
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
Witness Sukh Ranjan Bally by lawyers from the redress was found yesterday afternoon at the exclusion of liability lawyers Maulana Saidy. Prosecutor Syed Haider Ali said witnesses recorded testimonials from 1 to 4 Number of complaints on behalf already presented in court. Investigation officer Helal Uddin 9 days 48 days of testimony and cross-examination of a new volume containing full details are presented in the court. 1 to 4 Number of complaints on behalf of, he mentioned that 19 (b) stated that 16 people were witnesses, the use of testimonials and investigation officer followed the proper procedure. The court has granted the legal process. Nijamul islam Chairman of the Tribunal, they are told that they will receive when we order asenai court, and the defendant has sworn could not cross-examine them.
Haider Ali said that the issues. We explain to court why they\'ve said and written. During hearing in the Tribunal, however, was not witnessed scene. Who did you hear from them as well? Witness how this will be accepted. Prosecutor made no satisfactory answer.
Yesterday afternoon from 4 up to half of Haider Ali 1 and 4 of the one-sided arguments presented. The arguments put forward on Tuesday that he and other charges.