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Maulana Saidy’s lawyers boycott tribunal:witness theft from the lawyer car
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
witnesses Sukh Ranjan Bali was taken areest from the gate of  the International Crime Tribunal by the police care.
Witness Sukh Ranjan Bally picture is inset.

Khandaker Mahbub Hossain seems that to be missing or been murdered witness Sukh Ranjan Bali.
 Where lawyer and witnesses is not the safe so did not expect justice said Advocate Mizanul Islam.

Sukh Ranjan Bali witness their Delawar Hossain\'s lawyer Advocate Mijanul Islam the vehicle from the place of an unknown white costumed law - protecting forces. The second session yesterday afternoon Maulana Saidy’s Tribunal rejected the party\'s lawyers. Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu abduction witnesses deny this fact the court said, such a happened. Advocate Mizanul Islam by the court from the witness by the lawyer will take the unprecedented events.
Morning incidents which prove that there is no security in our own life
Senior lawyer and vice chairman of the Bangladesh Bar Council Advocate Khandaker Mahbub Hossain said we fear that the witness has been missing or murdered. These situations prove that we are not safe. The court lawyer will review the evidence from the witness incident move down the law; the court does not mean anything.
Witnesses said yesterday the International Criminal Tribunal other than a few times a day to strengthen the security.
A large number of police, Armed Police Battalion, RAB and white costumed law - Forces seen.
The pass is building corridor. If you can get pass that up. But rather than outside the gate of the pass is steep can be seen with the police.

Witnesses also said that yesterday morning at quarter 10 Maulana Delawar Hossain Saidy outside the main gate of his lawyer Advocate MizanulIslam was cut short by the Tribunal.

Shahbag police chief Siraz told him, you can only own cars. The rest of us will go down. It is not every day, I question why the police officer said, some of us do not.
The above directions are After Mizanul Islam with the people in her lawyer\'s assistant, personal assistant, and were witnessed by everyone from Sukh Ranjan Bally. I get out of the gate with a white dreses witness.
They forcefully thump witness the ear along the Murray and quickly went out of the gate. Saidy walk past the main entrance at the west after writing a police van opposite Tribunal come from the building\'s front lawn.
Meanwhile, Justice Nizamul, Justice Jahangir Hossain and Justice Anwarul Haque International Criminal Tribunal consist of 10 to 40 ms -1 day court and Advocate Mizanul preceded by the court at the moment. He is with regret to announce that, my car has been taken from the witnesses. My other lawyers and personal assistant to the vehicle has been lowered. He asked his resister, we can search said. I would like someone from the car. But in reality, it is a pity that happened. I dedicate the court. I back of the witnesses before me. Then the program will start. The witness appeared before the tribunal for the law - forces pointing in the application.
Barrister Abdur Razzak said the move was unprecedented witnesses from the court gate. It is included in the Justice.Law in search of the truth people can enter. Security can strengthen. But I do not have any objection. But the lawyers will not let them do what they may.
The chairman of the tribunal, said today the rigor climbers. It is our decision. We\'ll not make Tribunal market. Then we come to see that the number lawyer. The Tribunal did he send Register. He said Nasir Uddin on in a little while, so we had someone from the car. Appropriate pass and ID card said.
Syed Haider Ali said, what the witness is Sukh Ranjan Bally them. Set our witness. Why would we have witnessed in their car.
In response to Mizanul said, her name was prosecution list. But the ability to Sukh Ranjan Bally false witness agreed. We had agreed to testify on behalf of the application. Allow the application. So as soon as my witness, I will. This is normal. Witness advocate from the car when we will assist our clients do.
After about 45 minutes of the debate Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu and Abdul Hannan Khan, the chief of the investigation ordered by the court.
Meanwhile, senior lawyer Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Khandaker Mahbub Hossain, chairman of the Supreme Court Bar Association jayanala Planet of the tribunal. Before the court at the time of submitting application for a decision about the type of applications. The petition is dismissed. Professor Golam Azam only son of his father during the court proceedings while the appeal is taken. The defendant was party of the first to appear as a witness next Sunday.
Delawar  Hossain Saidy their final arguments before the court opportunity of hearing about the donation application of Moudud Ahmed, Khandaker Mahbub Hossain and Baristar Abdur Razzak. During the appeal hearing, chief prosecutor and chief coordinator about re-entered the court room. We want to hear from them at Advocate Tazul Islam. The Tribunal said that it was time for the hearing. At the hearing, the chief prosecutor said last time 1, sukharanjana balike abduction has it that they were not true. No such ghatanai happened today. We\'ve discussed the matter with the Ramna area of responsibility of all senior officials.
This statement reveals the intense dissatisfaction prasikiutarera Chief of the Defence lawyers want to keep. Brought to the court with an opportunity, we are the dekhabo. He went to the lunch interval. Advocate mijanula intense dissatisfaction expressed by the time that the chief prosecutor of false. I took the car from my witness. I watch him mereche thump. But he says nothing happened. He appealed for witnesses to appear in court Sukh Ranjan Bally. However, the Tribunal did not know. Mijanula said, and then it is not a question of the court. We lost the court. The presence of a defense lawyer after exiting in the court room.
After the lunch break I was a defense lawyer soy decision was not preceded Tribunal again. Due to the presence of his arguments against their Saidy is presented. Lunch break before the court to find that the witnesses of the abduction, but after a break in a sentence in the ribunal. That nothing happened.
The journalists Bar Council vice-president of the senior lawyer Khandaker Mahbub Hossain said, this two and a half hours in what has been the unfortunate witness it, we do not know. It is unfortunate that we could not assist the Court no. Chief prsecution his speech, he or she would not be found. The Court does not have the security of a witness; a lawyer does not have security, then the security of the ordinary citizen? Advocate Tazul Islam said, where life - death, the Court cannot question the way. If we do not bring them to court witness but here are the benefits?
Advocate Mizanul said, so that the witness cannot speak for the government has forces kidnapped him. The other defendants in the case to give evidence cannot find the courage to come.
Yesterday night at 8 pm this was the witness Sukh Ranjan Bally has found. It is not known what happened to her fate.
Due to the complaint, the Tribunal and the Tribunal outside the journalists who witnessed the abduction Due to the prosecutor Syed Haider Ali said, Sukh Ranjan Bally accused party not have any witnesses. No date was set for the witnesses. But they could do the same to our questions. Syed Haider Ali said that the Tribunal has been forward by exclusion as a pretext.
Who is t Sukh Ranjan Bally: Piroz pur Umed pure village June 1971, a complaint against Maulana Saidy a sick person in Bisabali tied with coconut trees killed? Saidy their presence and ordered him to have been killed in the charge. What are the Bisabali’s Sukh Ranjan Bally. However, the state is unable to appear.
Bisabali not appear to be in the state last March, the tribunal said that after four months ago, the house has been lost Sukh Ranjan Bally,The lawyers from  Due to the Tribunal an application is submitted. The application of the 46 witnesses appeared against their delawar Hossain Saidy cannot be far. The investigation of the 46 witnesses that gave testimonials as evidence of their absence, the court will accept. The list of 46 witnesses to refuse to hear Sukh Ranjan Bally.
Witness cannot appear because of the inability of the state in his party, including Maulana Saidy threat of terrorism has caused the burrow, I lost the house, I was secretly fled to India, the sick, the retention Some extinctions. the Tribunal Order accept testimonials as evidence15 people from46 people against Maulana Saidy on 20 March. Sukh Ranjan Bally include with 15 people.

The witness said she lost me state that I Sukh Ranjan Bally came to give evidence on their behalf Saidy.
It was mentioned by the witnesses who appeared before the state of the allegedly by false and fraud. Due to teach according to the complaint, the defendant told the witness agreed not to tell a lie and therefore they do not appear to be.
Strict security Tribunal: The Tribunal was not strict security that I\'ve never seen. The Tribunal passed from one side of the gate on the journalist\'s lawyer \'is death row inmate donors who enter. Check the ID card access for everyone is inside. Mizanul charges by the tribunal, said today that the reason is that we do not know and arrangements will be made so that we were not. The same time we could come up with. He said it is the responsibility of our security will be measures. But if they are harassed, lawyers and witnesses from the car and took it for what its security staff?
Barrister Abdur Razzak to complain about the harassment, however, must be checked by the police, which may. But they know that using it with our lawyers never allowed.
Tazul Islam, the lawyer for the two of us stuck outside by police. Do not let them see. It is not allowed to pass without someone to go inside. The outside storage of any system that does not get pass.
how is not built into the side of the collection to show? Due to our lawyers and lawyers with the way he is being used with another.
After a complaint with the Tribunal and the Registrar Nasir uddin did want to know.
We do not want to make tribunal market. Many people come here every day after we stole any parties who are not lawyers. Here\'s how it came to pass that? As we have said for some come to learn that death row inmate\'s lawyer. But we should have a degree. We cannot come for a hundred lawyers.
Tajul Islam yesterday\'s event of the Tribunal. He said that the Tribunal has held that security instructions.
Bally sukharanjana witnesses who? Due to the witness Sukh Ranjan Bally.. The order of the Tribunal as a witness has said that he is happy to bring you a summons will be issued. He appeared in the 3 October ganesacandra Due to the accused party’s witness testimony on behalf of the Maulana Saidy. The order of the Tribunal was Sukh Ranjan Bally witness did not specify. Mizanul said he witnessed our means. He referred to him as a secretary. The Tribunal did not accept it.
If you want to know the journalists Mizanul said he witnessed the accused party.