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Sukharanjan Bally’s interview with The Daily Amer Desh: I want to tell truth in the Tribunal
Wednesday, 07 November 2012
Oppsit party’s Mahbub pressure me for evidence against Mawlana Saidy. Mr. did not murder of my brother Bishal.I could not this type of false talk about my dead brother. However \'Sukh Ranjan Bally said that he\'d like to say you get the chance to go to court. Due to the case of alleged crimes against humanity case Delwar Hossain Saidy is listed as one of the witnesses of Piroz pur, Ziyanagar, Umedapur village -said Sukh Ranjan Bally (57) at this point. Sukh Ranjan Bally Was exclusive interviewed with “The Daily Amar Desh” on evening at old Purana Paltan last 3 November. He mentions that’s interview about how kind of pressure from government to do ministerial false witness. He said-The Daily Amar Desh that want to go to speak truth in the Tribunal. but he could not land in front of The judges in the Tribunal.The front of the gate of the Tribunal was abducted by police from DB white clothes. 3 November Sukh Ranjan Bally is made with the conversation in the below……………….
We find that, ministerial lawyers informed tribunal that could not be found him from last 20March. The deposition testimony of the investigating officer presented a request to the court for action. Investigating officer presented the deposition testimony of 46 people to receive a ministerial statement said the lawyers. On March 30, the order of the Tribunal of Inquiry presented deposition testimony of 15 people as they receive the order. The investigation officer of the evidence presented to the court as a deposition taken, one of them is Sukh Ranjan Bally.
They bring me at Parer Hat High school on 18 month ago. Mawlana Sidy’s opposite party local Awami League leader Mahbubul Alam Howlader take me there.Mahbub and Manik sit beside me including investigation officer.They offer me for giving evidence against Saidy about my brother killing. I was not agreeing with their proposal then beat me. I say to investigation officer, I\'m going to say that it is writing down. The investigating agencies say people are Mahabub, who had come to kill, he had this damage. \'Enduring later called me to come away from there. He said there was no deposition Avro, Avro signature on paper. Then I say: Buy me a feeling he\'d testify against half the country. But I do not agree because he\'d threatened to remove his foot cut temple. Then I leave my home and go to my relative house. Sukh Ranjan Bally said, one day after the incident at his home by police hours. I was not at home.They said my daughter and wife of missing a case for the effect. If you do not agree to this proposal, the wife and daughter will pressure. They take my daughters signature in the white paper.This signature was submitted GD in the police station. Do you want to know why he came to said The Daily Amar Desh and I want to talk with truth to the tribunal. As like of saidy could not judge on false statement -he said. The truth fact that needs to informed that’s why come to Dhaka.How old were you at the time of ’71,Sukh Ranjan Bally said his age was 25 years. If you want to know how his brother killed during the war Sukh Ranjan Bally said, during a fight my mother and my sick bisabali live at home. At approximately 9-10am we known that Pak army has come in our village.He and my mother, brother bisabali ran into the side of the house behind the universe.
I saw 15-16 Pakasena with Razzak, Sekandar Sikadar, Danesh Mollah, Gani Gaji, musalem Maulana, Mahsin, and Munshi. Then asked that Maulana Saidy was present here? Responded that was not seen him. His father in laws was a shop in Parer Hat Bazar.I did not listen about involvement of my brother killing incident a long day. We know him well. He was performed a WAAJ Mahfil. Inspite of Hindu but we like him very much. If he was involved with killing my brother would not have believed we would witness an increase of myself, but we cannot speak false threats speech was different before. But he was innocent. At present I am feeling insecure. If I get the chance to go to the court, then I will try speak truth in details. I own conscience to speak the truth.