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Both parties witnesses has said about Mawlana Saidy’s stay at Jossere and Pirozpur
Saturday, 03 November 2012
Due to the Tribunal against the testimony of witnesses with their Maulana Delawar Hossain Saidy live at parer hate in pirojpur of May 1971. Saidy was recept peace committee’s leaders after coming Pakistan Army at parer hate in 7 may ‘71. Command of Moulana saidy, The Pakistan Army and Peace Committee were involved plunder and arson parer hat the area around the market
On the other hand, Moulana Saidy-party witnesses claimed that he was lived rent house at Jessore new town with family members before liberation war. He was congregated at Jessore different regions.
After independence in March 1971, when he was 26, he was known to his family in the village of master house Mahiran village.
 We took shelter at home.
In May 1971, a few days after the month the police doha kola baghar para the Roushan Ali took refuge in the house. In the months after the July go home piroj pur.

Months from July 1971 until May piroj pure with parer hat the area around the time of the offense against the accused Maulana Maulana saidy piroj pur their opposition witnesses at the time was not right in claiming their saidy -party witnesses.
Due to the witnesses,
Which said: 1st witness has said his Mahbubul Alam Howlader claimed that Pakistani army came first week of May 1971.
In the morning, I was in their home on May 7.
I can listen public army was coming at pare hata and parerahate Peace pare hat rickshaw stand waiting for meet and receive them. Rickshaw Stand behind a secret from parer hat
 I noticed people standing there again parer hat Peace Committee. 26 riksha’s army forces come 52 armies.
Some of the later in the rickshaw stand.
People welcomes of Peace Committee.Saidy talk with Captain Ijaz Hossain because of Urdu languae was very well known of him.
The young witness said Ruhul Amin, 7 May parer hat Peace Committee of sekendara sikadar, danes Mollah, Maulana mosalema Uddin, Delaoyara Hossain Saidy some more parer hat rickshaw stand to wait for the reception.
Due to the tribunal witness Sultan Ahmed Howlader said, I was students Pirojpur Suhrawardy College in 1971.
Pirojapure pakabahini in the news, it is. I know the Jamaat leader Ali sekendara sikadar, Danesh Ali Molla, Delwar Hossain saidy, mosalema Peace Committee was formed under the leadership of Maulana saidy.
. Pakabahini parer hat after the above committee leader’s raider Peace welcomes and market forces in the sack.
Mahataba Uddin said his jdeposition of fifth witness; I was parer hat market in June 1971. The Peace Committee Delwar Hossain saidy , Danesh Ali Mollah, sekendara sikadara, armed with their moslem parts and the Pakistani army to go with it
Aftab Uddin seventh witness said, on May 8, 1971, the Pakistani army on the morning of 1 -14, 0 - and lost all of our people are going to see. He was dilu sikadar.
Mostafa Howlader testimonials and the eighth witness who said the ferry was sold in 1971 had buta muri parer hata market. May the peace of the BNP sikadar seven months, Danesh Ali Mollah, head Rickshaw Stand near the North mosalem their market. Rikasaya 5 of 6 people later in the Pakistani Army.
Pak Army,  Moulana mosalema, Danesh Mollah, sekendara sikadarake jijnasa what the market conditions.
Ninth witness testimonials Altaf said Howlader, May parer hat in seven of the Pakistani Army. Army of six - seven days before the sekendar  sikadara, Maulana delaoyara Hossain Saidy, mosalem, Danesh Ali Mollah of the peace committee. Basu deb mechanic said the tenth witness, May 8, 1971 at Punjabi Army, wholesale, peace, people with the seller of the home. Dilu sikadara, sekendara sikadara Ali, Maulana mosalema, Danesh Ali Mollah, Ruhul Amin, Hakim kari, momin they saw it.
Another witness said Abdul Jalil, May 8, 1971 dilu Delwar Hossain, Danesh Mollah, sekendara sikadara, some with more of a group of 10-15 people and the Pakistani army to come to our village cithaliya.
Maulana saidy-party witnesses, which said: The fourth witness Shop Maulana Md Abul Hossain of Jessore year 1968, New Town, Block - A, 185 lived in the house.
5 March 1971 at the launch of Pakistani army about un armed Bengalis. Shooting from the Jessore Cantonment 6, 7 and 8 regular is shooting from March leave.
184 number next to my house and he lived at home. He sekh hati government primary school head teacher. I lived in the same house with his own 183 number of the school\'s assistant principal, teachers (and what not to do). Delwar Hossain saidy he had lived at number 18. Jessore city from the fear of many families fled the city in a safe place away. The parents of this family of four that I have found here.  We sekh hati away from Jessore in 1971, 3-4 April. Sekhahatite of the night. I\'d like to leave in the morning, we go inside the east dhanaghata not exist. 183 The number of inhabitants (Abul Khair remember his name) and lost the home position. 7-8 days after the decision is to stay, and in our family and in the family. Abul Khair, he went to his uncles home from dhan ghata. from 8-9 miles away that I\'d Jessore baghar para mahiran He was a one level home. Shahidul Islam, our families and family in India. The Shop is level with my contacts.
Jessore another witness on behalf of his deposition Roushan Maulana saidy said, dohakola our village, Thana baghar para, Jessore. our area that has a lot of congregation in 1969-70. I was with my identity through the congregation. In late March 1971, when the Pakistani army started guli gola marat baghar parara mahiran families in the village of Pir Sahib sadaruddina We took shelter at home. Pir Sahib was about mid-April of the sire. I go one level home. Pir Sahib Lordship said, many of their homes. The rest came from some relatives in their homes. He asked me if I keep the house with family. He was just getting here. In early May, fetch me home. Buy two and a half months he was in my home. He went to her house in mid July.
1 2tama witness on behalf of their delaoyar Hossain Saidy  Md haphijula of the kharaki  our village, bamanapara Road, PS - kotayali, District - Jessore. My father Master Md Shahidul Islam Jessore New taune at 1966 block of 184 numbers was purchased from a elotira. Then we saparibare I can live with that. West side of my home number 1968 185 domicile of the deceased that he had purchased from the elotira.
Then we can live with the family as well. In 1969, my home was Maulana Abul Khair east, principal Anwar level 183 numbers that you have lived as a renter. At the same time, Professor Anwar Hossain Shop delaoyara level 18 of their number was that you have to live as a renter. My father was a of Master sekhahati primary school head teacher Md Shahidul Islam. The head office of the clerk of the late Mia esapi Jessore. Maulana Abul Khair that my father was a teacher\'s Hossain of Jessore area was larger Maulana delawer Saidy was maha phila.
Fear some night of March 5, 1971 from Jessore Cantonment city is shooting continues. Similarly, the next 3 the shooting continues. The village people of the city to take shelter My father, uncle Hazrat Ali, Abul Khair saidy uncle and uncle in conjunction with the meeting. During the meeting, they decided to leave them anywhere.
Sekh hati the evening of the next 4 April. It was my father\'s school managing committee of the lodge it was late each book must be feeling. The next morning I called Uncle Abul Khair dhanakataghata I was feeling lost? We do 7-8 days. Many families together in one place because the 4 old people decide to go elsewhere to leave. Delaoyara Hossain Shop said that Maulana Sahib, he\'ll baghar para mahiraner one level home. My father and he said that India leave together. Maulana Hossain Shop delaoyara the next morning he went to mahiranera. Then Hazrat Ali and Maulana Abul Khair we asked for it and I had to go home.
14 th witness said Emran Hossain, of village - mahirana, PS - bagharapara, Jessore District.. Bagharapara Pilot Girls\' High School. My job as a teacher
In 1971, I was a student. Maulana delaoyara Hossain Saidy our mahirana in mid-late May 1971 sadar uddina took shelter at one level. After 15 days in the village doha kola Roushan sahebake Pir Ali said he did, the crowd of people in my home, stay there. He came home two and a half months after the country\'s saidy his brother\'s home in the Pirojpur.
The kobada another witness said that witnesses said Maulana saidy May 1971 in Jessore.