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Cross-examination of Misbahur Rahman against Moulana Nizami continued: Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury and his father were member of Peace Committee
Monday, 24 September 2012
**Two books presented to the tribunal containing their names**his grandfather’s name is Annada Bhattacharya ** Allegation of killing one freedom fighter and submitting another to the Pakistan army** Mesbah was involved in the massacre of pachgaon, rajnagar

Chairman of Bangladesh Islami Oikyjote Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury and his father Abdur Rahman Chowdhury known as Chanu Mia were member of Peace Committee during the war of independence. This is stated in a memoriam named ‘Shatabdi’, published on the occasion of the completion of hundred years of Mauluvibazar district and in a book named ‘History of Mauluvibazar district’ written by Mominul Haq. This information came out during the integration in International Criminal Tribunal-1 last Monday. Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury stated that he knew about the memoriam ‘Shatabdi’ but not about the book ‘History of Mauluvibazar District’. There are allegations against him that he murdered a freedom fighter and submitted another freedom fighter to the Pakistan army. He was also involved in the massacre of PACHGAON of Rajnagar. But, he refused it. During the Cross-examination, he said, the name of his maternal grandfather is Annada Bhattacharya. It also come out in the Cross-examination that he led in a procession of snack charmers in the capital in 1994; on the other hand a document of marriage was made with Munni Begum of Basabo though they were isolated by the family before establishing marital relationship with her.
Yesterday after the deposition of the first witness of the prosecution as the fourth day Misbahur Rahman was cross-examined by advocate Mijanul Islam in the International Criminal Tribunal-1 headed by Justice Nizamul Haque against the Amir of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former Minister Moulana Motiur Rahman Nizami. Next Cross-examination will be held on 23 September. Advocated Tajul Islam, Monjur Ahmed Ansari, Barrister Tanvir Al Amin, Nazib Momen, Abu Bakar Siddiq and Tariqul Islam associated with Advocate Mijanul Hoque, in the Cross-examination yesterday.
Yesterday\'s Cross-examination:
Q: In 1996, you were arrested for the charges of causing disorder in the program of EID E MILADUN NABI by Islamic Foundation where the president was present as the chief guest?
A: I was arrested and later found innocent by them.
Q: In 1994, you were in detention for 30 days under the Special Power Act?
A: Yes.
Q: you were under remand?
A: it was for two days.
Q: in 1994, you led the procession of snack charmers?
A: not true.
Q: did you take action against the news paper which published the news?
A:  The newspaper published the defamatory report I just protested against it. I did not take any legal action against the newspaper. When the news was published I had been in the jail. My organization sent the protest. That newspaper did not publish our protest but the others.
Q: You were the chairman of Baitul Mukarram Hawker committee?
A: I was the chairman of the Baitul Mukarram Majsid Committee not of the Hawker Committee.
Q: you tried to make Baitul Mokararam free from the Islamic Foundation?
A: I did not claim to make free Baitul Mukarram from Islamic foundation for administration of my committee.
Q: you had the manpower exportation license?
A: I never had the manpower exportation license.
Q: A newspaper published a report relating to extortion against you.
A: in the same newspaper the allegation of extortion raised against me.
Q: do you know Munni Begum?
A: I know Munni Begum of 168, Basabo, with her document of my marriage was done but it was done but before the marital relationship it was dismissed by our family.
Q: do you know Azizur Rahman of 178 B, Khilgaon -\'s Azizur Rahman?
A: I don’t know him; I was in a rented house in Khilgaon. when I knew that he is the RUKAN of JAMAAT then I leaved the house.
Q: The landlord filed a theft case?
A: I do not know.
Q:  do you believe in the Islamic values?
A: yes.
Q: are you member of Islamic Foundation\'s Board of governance?
A: yes.
Q: Islamic Foundation gives training to the IMAMs?
A: yes.
Q: have you launched a hospital with the sub minister of the religion ministry in Mauluvibazar?
A: Khatib Maulana Salah uddin placed the founding stone of the hospital in my parent’s name, not the religion sub minister.
Q: In which year?
A: in 2011.
Q: work has begun?
A: no.
Q: You\'re MD of the tourist World Associate Bangladesh ltd?
A: Yes.
Q: Chairman?
A: no. my elder sister Gulshan Akhtar Choudhury. She is resident of London.
Q: you cannot start the task because of the protest of local people through a press conference for being founded your hospital on another’s land.
A: It is not true.
Q: you haven’t protested the newspapers’ report?
A: no.
Q: is Mominul Hoque a history writer of Mauluvibazar district?
A: I haven’t read or heard about him.
Q: a memorial of hundred years of Mauluvibazar was published?
A: yah.
Books: that book contains the name of pro and cons activist of the liberation war?
A: There may be.
Q: that book says that you and your father were against the liberation?
A: I do not know.
Q: you are denying because that Book mentioned you and your father anti to the liberation.
A: not true.
Q: in 1971 brigadier Malik Sorof Raj Malik, Captain Nuruddin Khan were in charge in Sylhet district.
A: I do not know them about that time. Later, I heard someone\'s name.
Q: did you hear the name of Brigadier Malik, Major Aziz Hoque, Captain Yousuf and Captain Subadar Rafiq Lalmoni in Mauluvibazar District?
A: I heard Captain Yusuf’s name.
Q: How much far is your home from the army camp?
A: it is about two miles. The camp was at the end of Court Road, possibly was a circuit house.
Q: can you tell the name of camp chief?
A: I knew via Islami Chattra Sangha leaders that, Major Fakhrul Islam was responsible for the camp.
Q: which leaders you met from Islamic Chattra Sangha?
A: I talked in the Jamaat office with Sirajul Islam Matlib, Mohammad Ali, Ishaq from Islamic Chattra Sangha and Advocate Abdul Jalal Chowdhury (Aamir of Mouluvibazar Jamaat).
Q: where the Jamaat office was situated?
A: at Chaumuhani Chattar from the east side, less than a half mile away.
Q: how much far was between the Mauluvibazar Circuit House and Jamaat Office?
A: less than a half mile.
Q: Chattra Sangha had a separate office?
A: There was a separate office with the office of Jamaat.
Q: Where was the office of RAJAKAR?
A: I do not know.
Q: Peace Committee’s office?
A: I do not know.
Q: Al-Badr started their activities?
A: activities of AL-BADR had been started before I went to London from Mauluvibazar. But AL-BADR force was not formed yet.
Q: The office of shahin force?
A: They had no Office of their own. There was a office room of Chattra Sangha. We had no separate room.
Q: had you met Major Fakhrul?
A: no.
Q: have you seen the list of 195 war criminals published by the government of Bangabandhu?
A: I saw in the newspaper.
Q: whose name was in first?
A: I cannot remember.
Q: was major Fakhrul was in that list?
A: I cannot remember. Because, I did not see the name of Pakistanis with attention.
Q: was there any Bengali’s name?
A: no.
Q: when did you go to the Jamaat office?
A: I cannot remember the date and month.
Billing: whether before or after the letter?
A: The first day was before receiving Matlib’s letter and Second time after next day of receiving the letter.
Q: Mr. Matlab came regularly.
A: he used to come sometimes.
Q: Mr. Matlab sent you one letter only?
A: as a activist Chattra Sangha he gave me this letter only. It was not necessary because we were residents of same district.
Q: How far was Matlib’s home?
A: I did not go Matlib’s village home. In that time he had not have any home in the city. Where he used to stay it was 7/8 miles far from my home. He was in a student mess.
Q: How far was the hostel?
A: a one half / two miles away from it.
Q: after the liberation of the country where did MUKTI BAHINI establish their camp?
A: in Mauluvibazar government high school.
Q: were you been there?
A: yah.
Q: Who was the leader?
A: I cannot remember who was responsible for the overall camp. To whom I went my cousin Freedom fighter Tawfiqul Hoque Chowdhury, another was Abdur Musabir who is now Upazila chairman.
Q: When did Mauluvibazar get free?
A: Two days before 16th December.
Q: Who were in the leadership of Awami Leage then?
A: Mr. Iliyas Ali was the MNA of Mauluvibazar then.
Q: Where the people, against independence, were kept and detained then?
A: I don’t know.
Q: Did you ever make any allegation to your cousin Toufiqul Haq or any other against Major Fokhrul?
A: No I have not complained to anyone ever.
Q: Have you meet Mr. Motlib in Mauluvibazar before you went to London after independence?
A: No. Because, he went into hiding.
Q: Had you meet any central leader of Chatra Sangha during independent war 1971?
A: I can’t remember.
Q: Did you meet central leaders of Chatra Sangha between the time of 1970’s election to 23th March 1971?
A: Yes. I meet many central leaders in Sylhet on the occasion of a meeting.
Q: Did you go to any programe of Chatra Sangha, took place in 1970.
A: No.
Q: Was there any program, took place in Mauluvibazar?
A: I can’t remember.
Q: Is there any village named Pachghar?
A: I have heard. But, I did not go there.
Q: Have you gone to Rajnagar?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you gone to Udna Tea Garden.
A: No.
Q: Have you gone to Mojidpur?
A: No.
Q: Was there genocide in Pachghar of Rajnagar?
A: Yes. There was genocide.
Q: Where is your maternal grandfather house?
A: Nobinagar, village next to my village.
Q: What is the name of your maternal grandfather?
A: Annoda Thakur Vottacharjya.
Q: Where do they live?
A: They live in Calcutta from before the partition of country in 1947.
Q: Do you know Moinuddin Chowdhury Modhumia?
A: My cousin.
Q: In 1971 an attempt to kill him was made with the help of Pakistani force.
A: It is not true.
Q: Under which sector your area was?
A: I can’t remember.
Q: Is Mr. Motlib still alive?
A: He is alive.
Q: Did the investigating authority give him any latter?
A: I heard that investigating authority gave him a latter requiring his attendance. But he didn’t attend.
Q: Is he fugitive?
A: He is not fugitive now. He is leading an overt life.
Q: Did you see his hand writing other than this latter?
A: Yes. He used to give hand written notice?
Q: Do you have it?
A: Yes. I have.
Q: Did you give any of his hand written paper other than this paper?
A: I did not give it to investigating officer as he didn’t ask me for.
Q: Can you present any of his hand written paper today?
A: I have not brought it in the court. But I can try tribunal ask for it.
Q: When did the proceeding of Al-Badr start in Mauluvibazar formally?
A: I heard that it is the month of August.
Q: How much Al-Badrs have you found in your inquiry?
A: I can tell the number of Al-Badr if Jamaat-i-Islami publishes the name of its Rukons.
Q: Can you the name of 10 Al-Badr members of Mauluvibajar?
A: I can’t tell at this moment as I didn’t verify this matter.
Q: Do you know anything about Regiment, Contingent and Teblo?
A: I know something about regiment.
Q: How many regiments were there of Pakistani military?
This Question was not accepted by the tribunal.
Q: Jamaat-i-Islami has no youth organization. Has it? Before and after?
A: No.
Q: Can you tell the name of a regiment of Pakistan?
A: Bengal Regiment, Punjab Regiment.
Tribunal didn’t accept this question and answer.
Q: From whom you knew about Al-Badr force in 1971?
A: I came to know about the formation of Al-Badr committee from the latter of Mr. Sirajul Islam Motlib.
Q: Did you find anything about the formation of Al-Badr from the documents of Jamaat-i-Islami?
A: I didn’t find in my research as these were destroyed.
Q: When did you know that these were destroyed?
A: In the year 1977-78.
Q: When was the summary report of your research published first?
A: February 2007.
Q: How?
A: By Press conference.
Q: Didn’t you publish the complete report?
A: Not yet.
Q: Did you take statement of Nijami in preparing report?
A: I didn’t interrogate though I met him 2 times.
Q: When?
A: After the formation of four-party alliance.
Q: Did you meet before the exclusion of Mufti Ijhar or after?
A: I don’t remember whether it is before or after the separation of Mufti Ijhar and Islami Oikiyojute.
Q: Jamaat was banned before the emergence of Bangladesh in Pakistan period.
A: In the year 1962.
Q: Do you know how the ban was revoked?
A: By flattering with Pakistani Military.
Q: Who were banned, democratic or military government?
A: There was no democratic government then.
Q: Do you have any idea about fascism?
A: Yes.
Q: The chief of a party in fascism elected in a democratic way?
A: It is not a democratic way though the election of leader in fascism follows feigned democratic way.
Q: How fascists emerge?
A: It emerges in different ways in different countries. Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Itali are recognized as fascist in the whole world.
Q: Did you been elected as the president of Shahin Fouz in the way of fascism?
A: That was at the wish of the leader of ChatraSangha and by a so cold election. I had no knowledge whether it was fascism or not.
Q: In how many books Jamaat gave misinterpretation of Islam? Did you find it in your research?
A: I can’t tell the number. But too many books.
Q: How many books did you publish correcting misinterpretation?
A: I didn’t. But a lot of books have been published by renowned Alims.
Q: Have you seen Jamaat-i-Islami and Awami League agitating together with?
A: Not together with, but in the same issue.
Q: Did you see discussion between Mowdudi, founder of Jamaat, and Bangabandu Shekh Mujibur Rahman sitting together, or any photo of discussion?
A: No.
Q: In which election Jamaat and Awami League gave same candidate?
A: In the President election of Begum Fatrima Jannah all the opposition parties including Awami League and Jamaat gave their support except Ayub Khan’s Muslim League.
Q: Do you know that the opposition leader of last East Pakistan provincial council of undivided Pakistan was from Awami League and deputy leader from Jamaat.
A: I don’t know. Then he said a deputy leader was from Nejame Islami.
Q: You were a member of Islami Chatra Sangha then.
A: Yes.
At this stage the Tribunal adjourned the proceeding of this case till 23rd September.