Friday, 28th February, 2020
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Why Prof Ghulam Azam family members aren’t be allowed to meet him, Mrs Afifa Azam
Wednesday, 19 September 2012
Mrs Afifa Azam has alleged that the jail authorities recently are not allowing even the family members to meet former Jamaat Ameer Prof Ghulam Azam, who has been kept detained for last eight months.
In a statement on Tuesday, she said that the jail authorities have been mentally torturing on the veteran language movement hero and Islamic scholar elderly Prof Azam. He is 90.
Despite the authorities had allowed the family members to meet him once in a week during the first few months of his arrest, and it becomes harder in the last four-five months as they were allowing once in two weeks during the period, she said.
Now, in the last 18 days, the family members were not allowed to meet him. It seems that the whole family including my husband is hostage to the jail authorities, Mrs Afifa alleged.     

She expressed her helpless conditions saying that republic’s officials-employees have been harassing the helpless people despite they (officials) were supposed to be servant for the citizens, which is also our religious rules. In the civilized counties, the non-Muslims also follow it.
My husband in his life was arrested many times. He or we don’t afraid of detention at all.
But, along with the countrymen, we are deep concerned at the government’s motive, Mrs Afifa Azam said, and added that the jail authorities have crossed its limits in terms of torture on the detained elderly leader.

Isn’t home ministry informed of the ongoing repression by the jail authorities or they have been doing it in connivance with each other, she put a question.
She, however, called upon the countrymen to pray for release and welfare of him and for natural punishment of the guilty people who crossed their limits.