Saturday, 30th May, 2020
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Anoara Begom has evidenced alongside Pro.Ghulam Azam’s lawsuit on the camera tryout: top influential are stayed at same jail for 4 hours.
Friday, 05 October 2012
 Late freedom fighter Siru Mia’s wife and Shihid Anower kamal’s mother has evidenced against Pro.Ghulasm Azam on the camera trial in her deposition. Today will hold her cross examination. On the other hand, State wings first witness Misbahur Rahman Chudury’s cross-examination isn’t held against present Ameer and former Ministry Mawlana Motiur Rahman Nizami. This cross-examination will hold at 7th October. Today Monday, counter evidence will held wings of world famous Muffaccir of The Holy Quran Naye be Ameer Mawlana Delawer Hussaen. That’s Cases are enlisted in the International Crimes Tribunal -1, last Sunday. Date of Cases is Changed of Saydi and Nizami because of not setting in morning and late 45 minute in the afternoon. But remember that, 5 jamaat top leaders were stayed in same jail for 4 hours. The Tribunal -2 bring Muzahid for witness, in the mean time Mawlana Nizami Prof. Ghulam azam,Mawalana abdus Shubhan and Mawlana Saidy were litigation in Tribunal -1.Both tribunals justice are meet with Chief justice due to their Court Vacation’s courtesy that’s why they does not sit in bench. The court sits after lunch. As a result 5 leaders are cheating with each other in the court.
Anowara Begom’s are presented by state wings for evidence against prof.Ghulam azam at 3.15pm last Sunday. Prosecutor Ziad Al –Mamun has said that, witness is a wife and mother. She has lost her son and husband. She does not fell freely in the open whole person. Trial camera has managed her by court. Ghulam Azam’s lawyer advocate Mizanul islam has said to increase present advocate when the court decide that advocate present have to 2 person. The court agrees that’s offer. After a few minutes every person is go out. Anowara has given deposition 3.15-5.00pm till. Lack of time her cross-examination are not held last day. Cross-examination will hold today morning.