Saturday, 26th September, 2020
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Press Release
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami condemns the attack on the Buddhist & Hindu temples; demands immediate impartial judicial probe and exemplary actions against those responsible.
Tuesday, 02 October 2012
Dr Shafiqur Rahman, acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami issued the following statement:

“We express deep concerns and strongly condemn the attack, vandalism and torching of Buddhist and Hindu temples and houses at Ramu, Ukhiya, Teknaf in Cox’sbazar and at Patiya in Chittagong since Saturday night. The miscreants carried out this carnage from 11pm in the evening till the early morning of the following day, a more vigilant role of the law enforcing agencies might have prevented the atrocities of such massive scale.

Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony. Muslims and the people from different minority communities have been living in peace in the country for ages. Communal harmony is part of our glorious tradition. Those who want to destroy this harmony by provocation are enemies of the country. No sensible person can support such criminal act. We believe there is an ill motive behind such wide scale atrocities which purportedly were instigated by a Facebook posting of a local boy named Uttam Kumar Barua insulting the Holy Qur’an.

There is nothing to justify such acts of violence. We demand impartial investigation by a Judicial Commission into the incident followed by exemplary punishment of the instigators and criminals responsible. Islam denounces violence of all kind, violent reaction to any insult to Islam is itself un-islamic, unjust and uncivilized.

However, we also strongly criticize the statement of Home Minister and other leaders of the Ruling party who are further aggravating the situation by blaming involvement of the opposition in the dreadful incident without any credible investigation into the incident. We are afraid such irresponsible comments might provoke further instability into this volatile situation.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami believes in peaceful & democratic means of protest and denounces violence of all kind. We demand an impartial Judicial Probe & exemplary punishment to those responsible. We call upon the Citizens of the nation irrespective of religion, race and ethnicity    to be united and vigilant against any attempt to destabilize the harmonious coexistence of all religion & faith in Bangladesh.”