Sunday, 09th August, 2020
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One member absence of tribunal-1, sunday next witness: Md. Suna mia (illiterate and hearing less) does not mention name of Prof. Azam’s.
Friday, 28 September 2012
Govments winngs 12th witness Suna mia who is a rasidense of B-baria under pourotola village he doesn’t objection against Prof. Gulam Azam.38 men were graved in field after killing. He indented unnamed Rahul those who were grave that dead body. He does not mention of Prof. Gulam Azam in his short deposition .Shuna Mia has given desposition only 8\\9 sentence in the International criminal tribunal -1 which leads consist of Justice Nizamul Haque. Shuna Mia(75) does not read and hearing loss person. Even he cannot know how to sing. he sing with finger on the print copy after his evidence. Prof. Ghulam Azam’s advocate Md.Mizanul Islam asked him only 5 questions of his cross-examination. He does not understand accurately advocate’s question because of hearing loss. His answer was according himself. Prosecutor Shultan Mahmud Simon helps him for understand of questions. Former Jamaat Ameer language fighter Prof Ghulam Azam brings him in the BSMMU at 27th September for treatment. Next Sunday has fixed for witness evidence.Tribunal-1 Chairman and member Anuarul Haque direct activities in the court.  Another member justice Jahangir Husan was absence in the court from last Sunday.     
Shuna Mia’s deposition in the below……….
My name is Shuna Mia .My father’s name is late Jafor Ali. My village name is Pouro tola south para. I don’t remind my mother’s name. My age is 75 years old. My home district is B-baria. I can hear some sound and coming people’s sound in the Eid’s night during war-1971.Thats night The Pangabi shoot and died people .we hear shooting sound and visited then Razaker asked us why does come here with their loudly voice. Then we see that they talk with each other and many dead bodies are spread in street. I see a dead body is move then I request them don’t grave alive.  I inform Investigation officers and journalists about this incident.
Shuna Mia’s Cross-examination in the below……….       
Q: Which had you seen, then no one presence here?
A: I was lonely. I don’t see here in our village people.
Q: How much house was present in your south para?
A: 10/12 house.
Q: That’s Rahul Razaker have alive now?
A: He has died.
Q: Where is his home?
A:Rakon ghat.
Q: Is he known with you?
A: yes
Q: Do you forget many incidents?
A: How it possible forgets about 71’s incident.
Q: what’s name of your grandfather?
A: Malu.