4 April 2020, Sat, 9:35

Secretary General criticizes government for its decision to resume RMG factories despite corona threat

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 4 April 2020 expressing deep concern as the authority decided to open garments factories in spite of the massive spread of coronavirus.

“Government has extended its pre-declared holidays. They have also extended ban on public transport till 11 April next. The law enforcers are working on the field to ensure social distance. Even in some occasions, these law enforcers are behaving rudely and inhumanely with the people in different places of the country. The citizens are being harassed for their movement as well.

But regrettably, the garment factories are going to resume its operation from 5th April. As a result, hundreds of thousands of garments labors and staffs are coming back to the capital. As there is a ban on public transportation, people are returning to the capital from distant places without any vehicle, mostly by walking. To combat the spread of coronavirus, in one hand the government is putting emphasis on ensuring social distances, while on the other, they are paving the way for mass gathering by resuming the RMG factories. But why they are maintaining this double standard? Are they eager to welcome a massive outbreak in Bangladesh?

We are receiving news of new corona infection every day. Under such circumstances, by resuming the factories, the government is causing another disastrous consequence. The RMG staffs are becoming compelled to join their factories in order to save their jobs. While, the entire world is considering quarantine and isolation, as the only way to combat coronavirus, our authority has taken this reckless decision to resume RMG factories. To the people, it is an arrangement to put the nation into severe threat.