29 March 2020, Sun, 8:28

Government’s officers are harassing people in the name of enforcing social distances; Secretary General criticizes

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 29 March 2020 urging the administrative officials to stop excess mistreatment and also to make positive and humane behavior with the people.

“Coronavirus is being spread rapidly. In order to keep people away from the severe impact of this virus, the local administration and the law enforcers have been working hard to ensure social distance. Provisions are allowed there for nominal movement of the citizens, complying all the health rules and instructions. But in some cases, the administrative officials have been doing some excess in discharging their duties. Even reported a government officer forced several aged people to hold their ears in public as punishment for not wearing masks.

The concerned authorities asked to ensure uninterrupted transportation and movement of the people related to emergency services including medicines, essentials, electricity, banking and mobile phones. Even the hotels and bakeries are allowed to function normally. But all the concerned people have been asked to maintain social distances while performing their professional tasks.

Despite such instructions, several administrative officials have been assaulting and harassing people. Such actions are unexpected, immoral and unlawful. The government staffs cannot make such behavior with the citizens. They have to do their job with a serving mentality and approach.

We are urging the concerned officers to stop their immoral and inhumane behavior at once and instead, to behave humanely and gently.”