19 November 2019, Tue, 10:53

Police arrests female students and examinees from Pabna; Secretary General demands immediate release

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 19 November 2019 demanding immediate release of the detained leaders and activists of Bangladesh Islami Chhatri Shangstha, who had been arrested from Pabna district town on last 13th October.

“Bangladesh Islami Chhatri Shangstha is a lawful and law bound student organization. Having due respect and confidence upon the constitution and the existing laws, this organization is spreading the Islamic sermon among the female students across the country. The leaders and activists of this organization have no nexus with the anti-state or subversive activities. They are conducting their activities systematically and democratically. As a part of their educational activities, Pabna district unit of Chhatri Shangstha, arranged a discussion in the town on 13th October. Police had arrested the female participants from that meeting without any excuse and subsequently filed a false case against them.

All the detained female students are the lawful citizen of the country. They are studying in various academic institutions. Many of them are candidates of different level examinations. As the citizens, they have all the right to study and also to take part in the scheduled exams. Their academic careers have come under threat due to this unjustified arrest incident.

I am urging the concerned authority to consider the issue on humanitarian ground and also to release all the detainees immediately for the smooth continuation of their academic career.