16 October 2019, Wed, 7:09

Urges all quarters to practice religious and moral values

Nation suffers from severe moral crisis and excessive brutalities; Secretary General expresses concern

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 16 October 2019 expressing deep shock and concern as the father and the uncle had murdered a five-year-old boy and subsequently hanged the body on a tree near the family’s house, after stabbing him, slitting his throat, and cutting off his ears and genitals in the Kejaura village under Derai upazila of the Sunamganj district on last13 October.

“In order to entrap the opponent group, a father and an uncle have brutally murdered a 5-year old boy in Kejaura village under Derai upazila of the Sunamganj district. I am expressing deep shock and concern over the incident and urging the concerned authorities to ensure exemplary punishment of the killers.

We are shocked and speechless after observing the brutalities of the murderers. This incident is compelling everybody to rethink about our social condition. Our social structure had never faced such calamities as it is facing now. From the upper class to the general masses, brutalities and atrocities are being increased everywhere. The recent murder of BUET student Abrar is another example of social brutality. Another news came up in the media saying that, a mother in Laxmipur district has strangled her 8-year son as the son demanded just 10 taka. In last 9 months, 320 children have been murdered nationwide. According to a report of Bangladesh Shishu Odhikar Forum (a children’s right platform), in last 9 months, 28 kids have been murdered by their mother.

In the meantime, 29 kids were raped and subsequently murdered whereas 23 children have been murdered following their abduction. In total, 1634 kids have been murdered in Bangladesh in last 5 years.

The aforesaid statistics clearly show that brutal incident of murders and incidents of tortures against children have increased everywhere including homes, office, educational institutions, mills, factories and other places. Since the incumbent authoritarian government has come to the office, people’s values and moral sense have deteriorated like anything. Crisis of moralities are also seen within the law enforcers as the government is using them mostly to hold their office. They are also getting involved with various crimes and ill-activities like bribery, addiction, murder, rape and abduction.

When the government itself engages the law enforcers and other administrative entities to execute its ill-conspiracies to stay in power, such deterioration of morality and rapid expansion of brutalities are natural. Ruling party’s student wing Chhatra League has established torture cell in all the universities and other educational institutions to torture the general students barbarously.

The University administrations and the law enforcement agencies are also indulging the Chhatra League goons to carry out such malpractices. There is no scope and no space for the people to seek remedy from all these vices and criminal offences.

Under the circumstances, I am urging all quarters of the society including civil societies, journalists, lawyers, intellectuals, students, teachers, religious leaders, farmers and labors to exercise Islamic morals, values and principles in all stages of life to ingrain the religious, ethical and humanitarian values in the society. There is no alternative but practicing moralities if we really want to save our beloved nation from moral degradation and brutalities.