1 October 2017, Sun, 8:57

President’s comment against the concept of Islamic State is unexpected and unjustified, claims Professor Mujib

Nayeb-e-Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 1st October, 2017 protesting the comment of the President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Md. Abdul Hamid which he has said in program of the Hindu Puja festival at Bonani of the capital on last 29th September saying that ‘The world must come out of the concept of religion based state.’

“Islam never supports the view of the President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Md. Abdul Hamid. His objectionable comment gainsays the basic spirit of the Islamic ideology.

My fellow citizens do not expect such objectionable comment from the President of the country, where 90 percent of the total populations are Muslims. His remarks are unjustified, unexpected and unprecedented. The constitution of Bangladesh still holds the provision of having a state religion as well as ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’. So the President cannot deliver such statement. His address contradicts the constitution as well.

All the prophets, who came on this earth, managed their state and public activities based on the ideology, which had been fixed and bestowed by Almighty Allah. Particularly, the last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) has established an Islamic welfare state and society in Madinah. His established form of state is the best iconic and ideal state for the peoples of all ages. Moreover, for His Ummah (communities), the state of Madinah is the best example to follow. Islamic state has been proved as the best and the most beneficial for peoples of all religions and castes. So President Md. Abdul Hamid cannot opine for leaving the concept of religion based state by any means.

I hope that the honourable President Md. Abdul Hamid would be refrained from making such comment in future.”