23 August 2017, Wed, 6:27

Secretary General protests ruling party leader’s threat and provocative comments targeting SC verdict and the Chief Justice

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 23rd August, 2017protesting and condemning ruling party leader's, MPs, minister's consistent threat, intimidation, contemptuous and provocative comments targeting the recent Supreme Court verdict on 16th amendment and the Chief Justice.

"The way in recent times, ruling Awami League leaders, MPs and ministers are repeatedly threatening and making provocative comments against a SC verdict and the Chief Justice is totally unlawful, unexpected and unprecedented. By making such ill comments, they are not committing a contemptuous offence but also violating the constitution.

The constitution is the highest law of the country while the Supreme Court is the custodian of this constitution. The Supreme Court is the only appropriate authority to explain the constitution and the law. Their view is the ultimate one. Anyone can be aggrieved by a court's verdict. The aggrieved quarter may file a review petition against the verdict. But the verdict of any such review would be considered as the final one. But instead of complying such legal steps, the ruling party top brasses have made some unlawful demands by setting a deadline for Chief Justice's resignation. Such ill practices are not expected in a civilized, lawful democratic country. The way, the ruling party leaders are humiliating and demonizing the court and the judiciary, that may create some adverse perception among the people about the judicial system. Such a chaos would push the nation towards destruction. 

The ministers took oath to preserve and uphold the constitution. But by making unlawful, provocative and contemptuous comments against the SC verdict and the Chief Justice, they have violated too. If the government is making contemptuous comments, and if the ministers are violating constitution then who will preserve it?

The government has destroyed the electoral system and seized the voting rights of the people. By declaring some unelected persons as the parliament members, they have also destroyed the system of parliamentary democracy. 
The incumbent government has destroyed all the constitutional institutions and now they are hatching conspiracy to destroy the judiciary.  But the consequence of such conspiracy would be disastrous. I am asking the government the unlawful and contemptuous strategy against the judiciary for the sake of the nation.