3 February 2019, Sun, 9:57

Demands stern action against the offenders

Rapes, violence against women increased alarmingly nationwide; Secretary General expresses concern

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has issued the following statement on 3 February 2019 expressing deep concern as the incidents of rape and tortures against women have increased alarmingly in recent times.

“We, along with countrymen are deeply worried and concerned as the incidents of rape and tortures against women have increased across the country alarmingly in recent times. Women and their dignities are no more secured in the country.

On last 30 December, a housewife was raped by the miscreants in Subarnachar of the Noakhali district. A month later, on 1st February, another girl of class six of the same area became victim of gang rape. Women, teenagers and girls are indiscriminately being raped nationwide. The miscreants are raping them in broad day light.

Investigations reveal that the ruling party miscreants are committing the offenses like murder and rapes continuously under the backing of the administration. The law enforcement entities are also playing an indifferent role, which are indulging the offenders more. They are pressing the victim families to withdraw the cases and harassing them in many ways. Resultantly, torture against women, like an epidemic are increasing all over the country. In many cases, the law enforcers are helping the criminals. They are also trying to conceal the offenses by not taking the cases into cognizance. I am vehemently protesting and condemning such role of the law enforcers.

A statistic discloses that some 42 women and kids have been murdered because of sexual violence in 2018 and more 284 became injured. 41 attempts of rapes have been taken place in last 33 days. Off them, 29 victims are children. This statistic is proving the prevailing catastrophic situation of the country. The fact is, our media can bring a minimum number of issues in forth, but the actual number is several times more. But these are remaining unattended and unaddressed.

The number of rapes and tortures against women have been increasing as the offenders are not being tried and prosecuted. To stop these crimes and offenses, the offenders must be brought to the justice. In addition, the countrymen have to raise their voices against the incidents of rapes and tortures against women.

Under the circumstances, I am urging the concerned authorities to resist and tackle the offenders who are assaulting and harassing the women in different places across the country.