26 October 2020, Mon

Jamaat Ameer protests over reprinting of the Prophet’s (peace be upon Him) cartoons in France

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 26 October 2020 protesting and condemning the state sponsored exhibition of sarcastic and derogatory cartoons of the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) in France.

Under the direct backing of the government, a sarcastic and derogatory cartoons of the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon Him) has been exhibited in a skyscraper of France. Several years back, France has published similar derogatory and humiliating cartoons of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) as well. It is unfortunate and regrettable as the President of France has patronized and backed such condemnable activities.

Muslims love the Prophet (peace be upon Him) even than their lives. But portraying this great personality in a derogatory and sarcastic way, the French government actually demonstrated their utmost arrogance and absurdities. Such actions are contemptuous of Islam and similar to stab the Muslims from their back. These vested quarters with these initiatives are trying to instigate religious violence and fanaticism. 

We did expect that the world leaders, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic would be more tolerant and respectful towards one another and would play a responsible role. But the roles of the French government with this incident shocked and surprised the entire world. We are vehemently condemning and protesting such heinous and notorious activities of the government of France and urging them to immediately stop the exhibition of the sarcastic caricature of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).

I am also calling upon the Muslim world, OIC and the peace-loving people across the globe to raise voice against the wrong and intentional initiatives of the France authority in order to uphold the image and sanctity of the holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).