14 September 2020, Mon

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Badie sentenced to life imprisonment; Jamaat Ameer condemns

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 14 September 2020 condemning the latest life imprisonment sentence which has been handed down against Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammed Badie and 12 others by an Egyptian court.

Muslim Brotherhood is the most popular Islamic organization to the Egyptians. This historic platform has been struggling for decades to establish democracy, rule of law and human rights in Egypt. The people of Egypt extended their overwhelming support to the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012 national election. Mohamed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood became the first democratically elected President of Egypt. But then, Morsi was ousted on 3 July of 2013 through a military coup. Since then, military Junta captured the office and enforced martial law once again. They also banned Muslim Brotherhood and as a part of the same crackdown, one after another top leaders of are being sentenced, convicted and persecuted. Still the military ruler’s brutal oppressions are continuing against the leaders and activists of Muslim Brotherhood.

On last 12 September, the criminal court in the Egyptian city of Port Said, headed by Sami Abdel Rahim, sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and 12 other leaders to life imprisonment prison. Mohammad Badie earlier also faced similar conviction in some other false cases as well. Many of the top iconic leaders of Muslim Brotherhood had been executed as well. Even though, the Islamic ideology has not been wiped out from the sacred land of Egypt. Rather the people of Egypt become more sympathetic towards Islam.

I am urging United Nations, International human rights watchdogs, Muslim nations and peace-loving people around the globe to raise voice against the ongoing the conspiracies, farcical trials of the Egyptian military ruler against Mohammad Badie and other Brotherhood leaders. I am also calling upon the Egyptian government to release Mohammad Badie and other detained Islamic figures immediately.