16 May 2024, Thu

Central Working Committee calls for a ceasefire in Palestine; urges to recognize Palestine as independent and sovereign state

A meeting of the central executive committee of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami was held with party’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman in the chair. The meeting severely condemned the Israeli attacks in Gaza, particularly its recent attack in Rafah city and also adopted the following proposals to bring an end to the ongoing cleansing operation of the Israeli forces against the Palestinian Muslims:

“The occupying Israeli forces have kept Palestinian houses, lands and other establishments since 1948. They have been conducting genocide and ethnical cleansing for last 75 years.

Since last 7th October, Israeli forces have killed more than 35 thousand Palestinians where 70 percent of these victims are women and kids. Besides, UN officials, aid workers, foreign journalists, human rights workers and volunteers are being killed mercilessly. Millions of people were forcefully evacuated. These people took refuge in various shelter centers. Even those shelter centers came under the Israeli attacks. Civilian structures including hospital, mosques, Madrasa, school, colleges or shelter centers nothing is spared from their inhuman attacks. So far, 7 mass graveyards have been found in Gaza and 520 bodies have been recovered from these graves. We do not have enough word to condemn the Israeli aggressions against the oppressed Muslims of Palestine. Jamaat’s central working committee is severely condemning such brutal attacks, genocide of the Israeli forces against the innocent Palestinians.

Already 1.5 million evacuated Palestinians have taken shelter in Rafah city. They are leading deplorable lives over there. There is huge shortages of food and water. Thousands of Palestinians are becoming sick. Amid such terrible situation, Israeli occupying forces with the armored tanks have captured some areas of Rafah city and started attacking the city. They also suspended food supply in the locality. Violating the war rules and norms, Israeli forces have applied banned carpet bombs against this locality. Military experts opined, Rafah may witness unprecedented and uncontrollable humanitarian crisis including famine if the Israeli forces continue their ground operation over there.

Jamaat’s central working committee think that, paying no heed to the United Nations and other global platforms, Israeli authorities have been violating all international rules, law, norms and human rights. Different democratic countries across the globe and the UN itself failed multiple times to stop the Israeli aggression. It has been apparent already that without establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, the Palestinian crisis will not be solved.

In the latest session of the UN General Assembly, 143 member countries voted in favor of independent Palestine state. Jamaat-e-Islami hails these countries for their support for Palestine and expect that such a vote and the subsequent UN resolution would pave the way of solving the Palestinian crisis and also for emerging Palestine as an independent and sovereign state.

Central working committee of Jamaat-e-Islami is calling upon the OIC, United Nations, peace-living democratic world and the Muslim community to take effective measures to recognize Palestine as an independent and sovereign country and simultaneously to establish peace and stability in the Middle East. Besides, the working committee offered prayer to Almighty Allah for accepting the martyrdoms of those Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli aerial attacks. Besides, central working committee extended their heartfelt shock and condolence to the victim's families, the Palestinian people, and the authorities of Gaza and the state of Palestine.”