15 October 2016, Sat

Critically injured victims of Awami League government’s inhuman torture

Bangladesh is known peaceful land which is truly blessed with multiparty democratic system where people can enjoy their basic and constitutional rights without any bar. But that image of this nation has been severely damaged and tarnished since 2009, as the incumbent Awami League has come to the office for the first tenure following a controversial election of 2008. Coming to the power, the government became extremely desperate and inhuman to wipe out the opposition and the dissident forces. In one hand, they imprisoned the top brasses of the opposition in connection with some false and politically motivated cases, while on the other; they started killing the grassroots leaders and activists to subdue the possible upsurge. In a democratic nation, all party should get the opportunity to exercise their political rights. But Awami League put a stigma on the face of that democratic trend as used the law enforcers and other state apparatus to conduct crackdown against the opposition. In the following pages, we would like to focus on some phases of that brutality, which exposed how the opposition activists faced Awami brutality and inhuman torture in past 6 years. To the people of Bangladesh, these years would be marked as nightmare. It is really a black part of the political history of Bangladesh.

Police shoot in the leg: What an atrocity!!!

According to the principles and provisions confirmed by the constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the law enforcement agency, particularly the policemen of the country are the servant of the republic. Law enforcement agency, their logistics, employment opportunities, allowances, salaries, arms and equipment- all are afforded by the money levied as tax from general citizens of the country. But in recent days, law enforcement agencies have started functioning like the government party hooligans. They are extremely aggressive in nature. Since last 5th January, 2015 law enforcement agency men apprehended huge number of opposition and general citizens just to foil the movement of the people. Not only that, law enforcement agency arrested them, the aggressive force members then shot bullet at the legs of the detainees while they are in their custody as an attempt to make them mutilated forever. So many similar incidents are noticed in daily newspapers in Bangladesh in recent times. According to the report prepared by Odhikar, a Dhaka based human rights organization, in last February 37 people were killed by law enforcement agencies extra judicially.  Here, some of these killing and shooting incidents are described…..

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