15 October 2016, Sat

Awami League’s Petrol bomb tricks to brand the democratic movement of the 20 party alliances as violent/terrorism/terrorist activities

The Awami League led government is plotting an ill conspiracy to create confusion among the people in home and abroad about the ongoing movement of the 20 party alliances. To hamper the democratic movement of the opposition alliances, they are exploding crude bombs and petrol bombs in different places of the country and then lodged politically motivated case against the opposition men in connection with the incidents in a preplanned way. Even they set a worst example of repression by carrying into the civilian houses, messes and by abducting and murdering the innocent opposition activists. Not only the leaders and activist even the ordinary supporters are not spared from the police’s inhuman torture. In a democratic country, there can be group of people with dissident views. If the authorities move for wiping dissident forces out that may cause a civil war like situation within the country. Such a chaotic situation can never be justified for a nation.

While, another maneuver is being made to eradicate the opposition quarters from the political field by the shifting the liabilities of petrol bomb attack upon the leaders and activists of the 20 party alliances. But the media reveals some different truths which have exposed the ugly face of the government. Recent media reports claimed, the ruling party leaders have recommended to free the detainees who had been nabbed red handed by the law enforcers on the spot of the violent petrol bomb attack. Already some 500 recommendations have been placed seeking the release of the arrested suspects. Already many of them have granted bail.

 On behalf of the 20 party alliances, it had been said repeatedly, that they have no connection with such violent and terrorist attacks. Their movement is totally peaceful and it is being preceded for the restoration of democracy. Begum Khaleda Zia, the leaders of the 20 party alliances and former Prime Minister also demanded exemplary punishment of the miscreants who were involved with such atrocities following a fair and credible investigation. The countrymen want to get rid of this suffocating situation. Actually, most of the incidents of bomb explosion or petrol bomb attacks have been taken place near the police safety net or in such area which are being dominated by ruling Awami League. There are also some questions about the role of the law enforcers in this regard. It is quite clear now that, the ruling party workers are involved with the petrol bomb attack incidents. Though the government verbally talks for press freedom, actually the media is not free in Bangladesh now; this is why; maximum genuine news is being barred to be published. However some news has been published in some media which are given below

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