1 November 2016, Tue

Cry of the oppressed

Myanmar Rohingya problem: Numbness of the world conscience

Between Myanmar’s Rakhine and Rohingya Muslims in Arakan province, deadly riots are abated barely. Houses, mosque and several structures of Muslims are burnt made fire by Rakhaine. The death toll continues to rise day by day. Rohingya Muslims, who are tortured by Myanmar Buddhist Rakhine and inhuman oppression of the military junta Nasaka, to enter Bangladesh, has become a heavy sigh and howling environment. Suffered Muslims are spending their miserable life. The severe surveillance of Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) has insured to prevent the infiltration of Rohingya. All kinds of restrictions on the movement of vessels at different times have been implemented due to fear of intrusion of Rohingya from SentMartin to Ukhiya Monkhali Ghat. Temporary camps have been set up to prevent infiltration.

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