12 March 2012, Mon

War Crimes Law and the Constitution

Jamaat‐e‐Islami Bangladesh is a moderate Islamic political party that believes in democracy and human rights. From the early 1960s Jamaat was active against all the autocratic governments. The Awami League was in power for two terms: from 1972‐1975 and 1996‐2001. During these two terms they took no step whatsoever for the trial of the leaders of Jamaat‐e‐Islami on the allegation of the so‐called war crime. During the mass movement for restoration of democracy in the 1980s and during the movement for Caretaker Government in the 1990s, the Awami League had no difficulty in working side by side with Jamaat leaders. A person is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty. It is really surprising that when the leadership of Jamaat was not listed among the 195 who were to be tried for war crimes, they have now been termed as war criminals. This is a violation the fundamental rights and human rights of the Jamaat leaders.  

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