6 January 2017, Fri

Social Justice

Powerful national and social organizations are essential for ensuring justice in a particular society. But the organizations must be very neutral and impartial in their activities. There are some conditions that must be fulfilled if any organization of above type tries to be effective. Some of these conditions are given below:

Social crimes and their elimination We do not think that all kinds of crimes such as terrorism, killings, robbery, violence against women can be stopped just by enforcing the laws strictly. Alongside the proper enforcement of laws, social values must be developed in us. In the existing political scenario, criminal activities are on the rise. This politics based on muscular power and violence is destroying the democratic organizations. Sometimes The criminals are spared due to their political affiliations. Such political pardon accelerates the already deteriorating situation. In this case, the terrorists of the ruling party are the main culprit. Besides the educated community are losing their interest in politics and the nation is being deprived of their service.

One thing cannot be denied that though politics is now to a great extent under the influence of the terrorist and their godfathers, people in general are dead against this practice. So, political movement for change is very possible.

For this we all have to come forward to contribute according to our ability. Besides this, we have to ensure moral preaching and campaigning against violence.

Government’s oppression against the established democratic parties is worsening the situation. Everybody has to be given the same opportunity to work against extremism and fundamentalism.
Again laws need to treat everyone equally irrespective of their religion or class. Biased and prejudiced judiciary can never ensure justice. So, honest and just judges should be appointed. The judiciary must be completely free in order to ensure social justice.

Necessary steps should be taken to prevent violence against women. Prostitution must also be stopped as it responsible for social degradation. In order to do this, spreading of moral education, employment opportunities and social reformation must also be in place. Women Rights Only an equal contribution of all males and females and their cooperation can drive the society forward. Emphasis should be given to female education, to eradicating gender discrimination and to bringing them into the mainstream development activities. The disgraces that characterized women’s life circle in Bangladesh for a long time should be eradicated in all spheres of their life, be it personal, familial, social, religious, economic and political.

Children’s welfare Children of today are the future architect of the nation. A congenial atmosphere for the children’s physical and mental development is a prerequisite for the building of a prosperous country. Gender discrimination must be abolished for this. Every child should be brought under scheme of education. Child labour should be eradicated through creating an environment for appropriate education, medical and entertainment facilities. All discrimination to the children must immediately stop.

Welfare for the handicapped It is our bounden duty to ensure the honour and prestige of the handicapped in society. Besides, if well educated, they also can play a very god role in nation building. Steps should be taken to socialize them and giving them employment opportunities.

Poverty Reduction and Employment Poverty is the worst curse of a society that badly affects all other development indices. The standard of education, health, treatment, accommodation and everything sharply falls with the rise in poverty that sometimes becomes the single most hurdle for development. Poverty eradication requires strategic worthwhile effective planning ad management. An agro based economy, Bangladesh needs to bring about revolution in agricultural practices in order to increase food production. Industrialization in the form of small and medium enterprises is vital for speedy economy and massive employment opportunities.

Labour Rights Safe labour is conducive to further production in economy. It is necessary to ensure that every labouring hand get their rightful wages in due time to keep them well off with their family members along with all the fundamental facilities of a citizen.

Minority Rights Bangladesh is a plural culture. The community here is made up of many ethnic minorities who have a very crucial role to play in national development. Measures should be in place to promote their rights and ensure equal access to national life.

Cultural activities Culture is the ultimate expression of nation’s life styles that represents a different independent identity. The culture in Bangladesh is a mixed one with intertwining roles played over the centuries. Cultural activities make us aware of the values, philosophies and aspirations of our people. So there should be enough space for conducting cultural activities that will in turn ensure a significant dimension of social justice.