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An Introduction To Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami

Man is a wonderful combination of both body and soul. His progress towards perfection demands that attention should be paid to both these aspects of his existence.  Islam is the only complete code of life revealed by Allah. This code encompasses the whole gamut of human life. It does not only prescribe beliefs but also the norms of behaviour. Its guidance covers all spheres of human activities, both spiritual and material. The Jamaate Islami aims at bringing about changes in all phases and spheres of human activities on the basis of the guidance revealed by Allah and exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  

The Call The Jamaate Islami appeals to mankind in general and to the muslims in particular to respond to a 3 point call derived from the clarion call of all messengers of Allah mentioned in the Quran. `O people, submit to Allah, There is no other Lord for you except Him.’ The Jamaate Islami interprets this universal and eternal call in the following three points :    

> If you desire peace in this life and aspire salvation after death, accept Allah as the only sovereign Lord and the messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) as your only leader in all aspects of your life.  

> If you claim to have accepted this call, you must shun all thoughts, actions and habits repugnant to your faith and declare not to obey anybody against Allah and His messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).  

> If you are determined to implement these two policies in your life, you must make collective efforts to replace dishonest and inefficient leaders by honest and efficient ones.  

The Programme The Jamaate Islami wants to bring about a total change in society. A permanent and beneficial change needs the thoughts of the people to be guided to the right direction. People of similar thinking have to be organised and trained up as efficient leaders and able activists.

They are to be fully acquainted with the social problems and equipped with abilities to solve those problems with the spirit of selfless service to the people. If Allah is pleased to grant an opportunity, the Jamaate Islami, backed by the support of the people, shall form government and shall turn the country into a welfare state in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. With this end in view, the Jamaate Islami has chalked out a 4-point programme.  

(1)Purification and Reconstruction of Thoughts :  

To propagate Islam and to call the people to the way of Allah, to purify and reconstruct the thoughts of the people on the basis of the Quran and the Sunnah, to conduct a movement for building up real Islamic thought in all sections of the people and to make them feel the necessity to follow Islam in every sphere of life.  

(2) Organisation and Training :

To find out and organise Islam-loving conscious and honest people and those intending to be honest, to train them up through practical activities suitable to develop them as true servants of Allah and efficient activists for the cause of Islam and humanity and to build up a group of activists for providing the society with honest leadership at all levels.  

(3) Social Service and Social Reform :

To strive to uplift the conditions of the people and the country through extensive social service and social welfare activities, to serve the suffering humanity, to introduce Islamic culture and reconstruct human character on the basis of Islamic values. And to organise people to resist anti-social activities through peaceful means.  

(4) Reforming the Government and Administration :

To advise the government in the light of Islam regarding internal administration, foreign policy, laws and regulations, moral and worldly development of the people, education system, the proper upliftment of the country and to replace dishonest and inefficient people at all levels of public services by honest and efficient persons.

The Process of Work  

> To actualize the first point of the programme the activists of the Jamaat-e-Islami establish personal contact with people belonging to all walks of life, explain different aspects of Islam and urge upon them to read Islamic literature. The eminent activists of the Jamaate Islami hold the Quran class and the Hadith class at different places for making the people acquainted with the teachings of Islam. The Jamaate Islami holds public meetings in cities, at townships and rural areas in order to impart the message of the Quran and the Sunnah.  

> To actualize the second point of the programme the Jamaate Islami enrols those who respond to its call, as Associate Members and train them through its regular activities. For their personal development, they are motivated to study the Quran, the Hadith and other Islamic literature. They are required to say their daily prayers in congregation. They are asked to recruit new Associate Members through personal contact. They are required to submit a report of their activities at regular intervals.    

> To actualize the third point of the programme the Jamaate Islami tries to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor and the destitute by extending help to them both in cash and kind. Whenever any natural calamity befalls the people the Jamaate Islami organises relief operations and tries to rehabilitate the victims as far as possible. The Jamaate Islami tries to mobilise public opinion, in different ways, against all sorts of anti-social and anti-Islamic activities.  

> To actualize the fourth point of the programme the Jamaate Islami tries to inspire the people to strengthen the spirit of independence which is needed for the survival of the country.    

In the form of political resolutions and statements the Jamaate Islami advises the government on every national issue and problem. The Jamaate Islami criticises the wrong steps taken and wrong policies adopted by the government and suggests that it considers to be correct.  

The Jamaate Islami ceaselessly tries to motivate the politically conscious section of the people to come forward for the establishment of an Islamic government in the country. The Jamaate Islami organises political public meetings and processions in absolutely constitutional and non-violent form.  

The Jamaat-e-Islami tries to create an atmosphere of mutual toleration and co-existence amongst political forces for the growth and promotion of a healthy political culture. The Jamaat-e-Islami peacefully tries to win support of the people and takes part in elections to send its representatives to the parliament.  

The Jamaat-e-Islami hopes that a time must come when people shall elect Islamic leaders to the parliament in a majority paving the way for the formation of an Islamic government.  

The Characteristics  The Jamaate Islami strives to turn Bangladesh into an Islamic welfare state. The Jamaate Islami is of the opinion that such a state can be established only by those who know and practise Islam. So the membership of this organisation can be obtained by committed muslims only. The Jamaate Islami does not recruit anybody as a ready made leader. None can rise to its leadership without obtaining its membership. Candidature for leadership is not permitted in this organisation. Elections are held at regular intervals. The members vote freely and secretly. The members cast their votes keeping an eye on the Islamic character, integrity, efficiency and organisational sagacity of the leading figures.    

An Appeal Please do not depend on hearsay and mis propaganda. Please neither accept the Jamaate Islami blindly nor oppose it unknowingly. Please acquire direct knowledge about different aspects of the Jamaate Islami. To acquire direct knowledge about this organisation you are to go through its brochure, constitution and other books and booklets. We fervently urge upon you to join this ideal caravan.   After the emergence of Bangladeshi as an independent state in 1971 all political parties, professing Islam, were banned.  

The 5th amendment brought to the constitution of Bangladesh in 1977 removed the legal bar for the formation of an Islamic political party. Through a convention held in the precincts of Eden Hotel in Dhaka from 25th to 27th May, 1979 the Jamaate Islami emerged as an Islamic political movement.    

Central Office: 

505 Elephant Raod, Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217.

Telephone : 9331581, 9331239

E-mail : info@jamaateislami.org