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Budget of 2020-21 fiscal year

Jamaat Ameer urges to ensure effective good governance, transparency and accountability at all levels

4 June 2020, Thu, 7:26

Ahead of the announcement of the budget of 2020-21 fiscal year, in a statement Jamaat Ameer said,

“The entire economy is suffering due to covid-19 pandemic situation. Under the circumstances, the government has decided to place its budget for 2020-21 fiscal year. This budget is supposed to uplift the overall national economy. This budget should ensure the utmost usage of technology to free all sectors and establishments from corruptions including the law enforcement agencies, passport, education, health, local government and the ongoing mega projects. Code of conduct must be ensured at all public institutions. Citizen charters must be complied. Major reforms ...

Dr. Shafiqur Rahman


Come, together we can

Do believe that, the state power of the country should be controlled by the pious, modest and honest leadership in order to establish peace and justice in the country.

I do support Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami as this party has been carrying effort sincerely to establish the dominance of such honest and qualified people in every aspect of the society and the country.

I will extend my all out support to Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami to attain economic freedom and political stability in order to build Bangladesh as prosperous and welfare state.

I will try my best to upgrade my life always morally and ethically.