Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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British MP at Cambridge’s seminar: Britain do not support without international standards of Bangladesh war crimes trial.
Friday, 15th February, 2013
British Parliament MP Dr. Julian Hopart said about the context of
crimes against humanity that we don’t support of Bangladesh   judicial
process without international level. He expressed with deep concern on
the situation of human rights of Bangladesh. This is a sorrowful
matter that those who are involved of hundreds killings in the
democratic state. She said that we don’t support of extrajudicial
killings by crossfire. He will bring bill in the House of Commons as
soon as possible. Dr. Julius said, we will stand beside you as a
friend’s country. He said as a chief guest in the Cambridge University
at the seminar about the human rights situation in Bangladesh. These
seminars organized by “Save Bangladesh” and preside over by eminent
lawyer Barrister Nazrul Islam. Hafez Mahbub Ali started by read the
Holy Quran, special guest was Jamiat e Olama’s Europe Ameer Mufti Shah
Shadar Uddin, UK BNP’s former general secretary MA Malik, France BNP
leader Habibur Rahman. Human rights organization “New Hope” Secretary
General Enam Chowdory,   Community leaders Mahbub Kadir Milon, Azam
Ali, Jamal Ali Samsuddin Ahmed Babul, Maulana Abu Yusuf took part in
the seminar. Mufti Shah Sadar Uddin said Bangladesh Awami League is
doing hoax internationally by international war crimes tribunal.

He also said people do not support of injustice of popular Islamic
scholar Allama Saidy and mentioned that Awami League government is
injustice government.MA Malik said that Awami League made Bangladesh
as inactive financial country. He also mentioned that war crimes trial
is a part of jokes in the world. Barrister Nazrul Islam said
international war crimes tribunal cannot run by domestic law. He said
that the judicial process has destroyed in the country’s political