Monday, 16th January, 2017
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Rejection of appeal for retrial of alleged crimes against former Prof Ghulam Azam even after Tribunal chief’s Skype scandal astonishing
Sunday, 06th January, 2013
Mrs Afifa Azam has become astonished as the tribunal-1 rejected the appeal for retrial of alleged crimes against former Jamaat Ameer Prof Ghulam Azam after disclosure of Skype scandal of then Tribunal chief.

She said that her 90-year old husband Prof Azam was kept in police custody on false allegations for long. She said that the government is staging drama in the name of so called war crimes trial.

Former Chairman of the Tribunal-1 Justice Nizamul Huq (Nasim) became compelled to resign after disclosure of his Skype scandal that leaked historical skullduggery against the top Jamaat leaders in the name of the trial.

The leakage also questioned the total procedures of the trial, which have drawn attention of the world, thus we appealed for retrial of the cases, but the tribunal rejected which is very frustrating.
She also demanded exemplary punishment of guilty people who were responsible for the Skype scandal.