Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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Egyptian Grand Mufti said in the Arab Alem world’s gathering: The government is doing fun in the name of trial.
Saturday, 05th January, 2013
The government is doing fun with nation in the name of trial crimes
against humanity against opposition party’s leader including
Jamaat-e-Islami leaving his own marked War Crimes from Tribunal. The
Egyptian Grand Mufti Dr. Ali Zuma said in the Arab Alem gathering as a
chief guest at Cairo in Egypt. He also said when Maulana Delwar
Hossain Sayedee threw an open challenge at parliament that I was not
involved in any types of crimes during ‘71. Today’s parliament member
of ruling party could not be able to retort in spite of having at the
parliament. The nation cannot expect a fair trial from them where
justice owns self is involved in the fraud. In fact, the government
doesn’t want judge of actual criminal against humanity. They are using
the sympathy of people to liberation war for their own interest.
Country’s people’s long demand is to stand them to the trial. It means
not that they only want judge of Jamaat leaders. It is very much pure
to the world’s people that it is a tool to curb the opposition party
in the name trial. Muslim Brotherhood leader Ayman Abdul Gani, Shudan,
Kuwait, Qatar’s various Islamic scholars were present in the
gathering. It’s what one kinds symbol that ministers can give verdict
in the media beyond the thought of justice. It is not jest with the
nation. Besides worlds people want to know that whether opposition
party’s people involved in the crimes during ’71 or ruling party’s
people involved. If it is, which will judge them?