Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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Where Sukh Ranzan Bally: Have alive my beloved?
Saturday, 29th December, 2012
Have alive my husband? I am cordially requesting you please take me in
my beloved. I will go there. Thus Sukh Ranazan Bally’s wife request
journalist when a reporter phoned and talked with her over phone.
After that her crying increases as a shout for beloved Yesterday
afternoon. Arti Rani Bally said to journalist please back my beloved
swiftly. She said when he went to Dhaka after that he did not come
back. Journalist asked her, have any information about your husband?
Then she replied I am illiterate that’s why it’s not possible for me.
I am ill and lie down in bed. There is no food in my house. So my
relative helps me. Sometimes they give me some rice and goods. My
husband works as a daily worker. We live on hand to mouth. But at
present there is no way for living in the earth. Journalist asked her,
how are you family member? She said we have one son and daughter. She
also said I don’t want anything without my husband please back him.
Daughters have been married and son’s age is 17-18 years old. Mr
.Shukh Ranzan Bally went to give evidence for Moulana sayedee but DB
police has taken abduction him on the last 5 November. He is unseen
till now.