Monday, 16th January, 2017
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Comments of Lord Eric Evibari: should be considered of retrial in the Tribunal.
Saturday, 29th December, 2012
Britain Parliamentarian Human Rights Group’s vice-chairman Lord Eric
Evibari said about International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh that
should be considered retrial. He also claims to UN to investigate
about abduction in front of tribunal gate of Moulana Delwar Hossain
Sayedee’s witness Sukh Ranzan Bally. He said that UN should
investigate immediately about independence of judges and lawyers. He
claims in the title of the article “Liberal Democrat’s voice” about
conspiracy trial of Bangladesh Last Monday. Mr. Lord said in the
article that those who was involved in the crime against humanity in
1971 liberation war should be sufficient punishment by fair trial, if
found guilty by legal process. But under Act by 1973 running judge is
not legal line with international rules. U.S. war crimes Affairs
Ambassador Stephen J. Jarps, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty
International, International Centre for Transitional Justice,
International Bar Association, British Parliamentary Human Rights
Group and British International Crimes Tribunal Bar Association has
expressed deep concern about the International Crimes tribunal’s legal
provisions and judicial process. The latest development is resignation
of the Tribunal Chairman Justice Mohammad Nizamul Haque. Justice Md
Nizamul Houque resigned from his post allegation of Skype scandal. The
Economist authority phoned Nizamul Houque that did you contact with
any one for taking help of trial, he replied no, but Skype scandal
prove that he talked with others about it. Justice ATM Fazle kabir has
been replaced instead of Nizamul Houque and have to take preparation
for declaring verdict. The verdict will be given within middle October
based on draft of Ziauddin when defense arguments have not been
completed yet. On the other hand two accused person applied to start
trial again because of Skype scandal conversations. The government has
banned reference taking from Internet and the Daily Aamer Desh in
spite of having. New judge has to take responsibility when public is
aggravated extremely within this problem. When Skype scandal and
abduction of Sukh Ranzan Bally’s incident is discuss in the head line
of media. For this reason Mr. Lord has given advice to reform judicial
process in Bangladesh. Also given advice by International Bar
Association and they said that Bangladesh government should listen to
their advice.