Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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The People have no confidence on government with trial of tribunal-says Khaleda Zia.
Friday, 28th December, 2012
Chairperson Begam Kaleda Zia said, The People have no confidence on
government with trial of tribunal. She said to prime minister that you
were in power after independence in 1996, why you did not deliberated
trial of war criminal coming to power, Because, Jamaat was with you.
You conducted election Ershad and the movement of caretaker with
Jamaat. If you deliberate trial neutrally, you will get war criminal
in your league and family. They have to face to the trial. She said it
in the program of “Happy Merry Christmas” and exchange greetings
arranged by The Bangladesh Christian Association in Gulshan office on
last Monday night. In the program the BNP standing committee member
Tarikul Islam, Gayeshsar Chandra Ray, organizing Secretary Fazlul Huq
Milan, Dhaka Metropolitan Secretariat Member Abdus Salam, Religion
Secretary Advocate Masud Ahmed Talukder, and Bangladesh Christian
Association president Albert P. Scarlet spoke there. Kaleda Zia also
alleged that this government is giving free top terror without
punishing them in exchange of money. Kaleda Zia said referring to file
a case against 25 thousands leaders including Mirza Fakhrul Islam
Alamgir that Jamaat is being rectified. Now you are thinking that you
will be in power rectifying BNP it would not be. She said expressing
the killing of Bishwajit, attacking in Ramu and abduction of Porag.

Religious people are not safe from Awami League. The people have no
confidence on them. So let us work with BNP irrespective people and
league. Be together. Awaml League is not able to develop but we will
do and we will make beautiful our country. Three is enough time to
make beautiful the country.