Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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Examination shall continue to first witness against kamruzzaman Witness Hamidul has incarcerated for a long period and in out side kept in police phobia.
Saturday, 21st July, 2012
                Defance counsels of war crime accused Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamruzzaman yesterday cross-examined Hamidul Hoq, The first prosecution witness in the case, for the third day. Advocate Kafil Uddin chowdhury cross-examined the witness in tribunal-2 yesterday on Thursday. Witness Hamidul said during interrogation He never runs his life as usual from the very end of independent. He passed his life sometime escaping or incarcerating having arrested. Witness said that he always suffering the phobia of police. But he insisted on those incidents were not wholly authentic one. Though the chairman of troibunal-1, A, T, M, Fazle Kabir and another member Shahinul Islam were present but the other member was absent. 
Q: Having passed HSC in 72, Whether Kamruzzaman had gotten admitted in Ideal school in 1974?
A: No, I do not know.
 Q: When had kamruzzaman passed from journalist department admitted in Dhaka University in 1974?
A: I could not remember.
Q:  Whether Kamruzzaman had run his moving and life style as usual from very time of freedom.
A:  That is not true.
Q: Your life was not being regulated in normal way. You sometime escaped and incarcerated having arrested
A: It is wholly true.
Q: Your biography has been written down in “Mymansing Charitebidhan” have you read it?
A: District commissioner has come to light but some false information got place. The book has been read.
Q: Your date of birth has been mentioned as 27/04/1952?
A: This is not relevant.
Q: Has the passing year of HSC written down in 1968 in this book?
A: Yes.
Q: Has your HSC certificate been brought through signing on 4/12/1972?
A: Yes,
Q: have you passed in third grade?
A: Yes.
Q: Has “Charithobidan” not taken any amendment in order to mitigate yet?
A: Amendment has not taken until now but I made it corrected. I have forgotten those amendments.
Q: Have you taken any initiative to be taken Razaker and Albodr into trail before any court?
A: Yes, I helped the lawyer providing information.
Q: Various litigations have been brought in mymansing under collaboration act. Every litigation contains one or two hundreds or more accused?
A: Yes.
Q: Whether many of them arrested and got present before court through notice?
A: Yes.
Q: Whether Kamruzzaman was the accused of those litigations?
A: I did not know but heard he was.
Q: Have you extended this hear saying?
A: This is not true.
Q: Many Razakers had been killed by rigorous freedom fighter and public?
A: Yes, Accurate portion should not be estimated.
Q: Had then the government made a high powerful committee to identify those collaborators?
A: Yes. This was true.
Q: In that list the name of MNA Nurul Amin had written down at fist?
A: Yes .This was true. Whether it was in the first or not that was unknown to me.
Q: The name of 53 persons were written down in that list including Jolmath Ali Khan, Mossaraf Karim, Hashim Uddin, Hafiz uddin and so on.
A: Yes that is true.
Q: Whether Kamruzzaman was enlisted in that list?
A: I heard his name has been come out in locally.
Q:  The name of Kamruzzaman was there that is not authentic?
A: Not true.
Q: Did you know Dr. MA Hasan who is very serious for trail of war criminals?
A: Yes I know. I was met with him in a sitting.
Q: Have you read the book of Dr. Hasan namely “The finding of the trail of war crime and genocide”
A: This was not read but saw.
Q: Has list of war criminals along with collaborators been made by that committee?
A: Yes. It could be produced.
Q:  Have 2 hundreds persons been shown as war criminals in that list?
A: i forgot the accurate nu7mber but a list has been made.
Q: Government have come a book out as “the documents of war crime” after collecting various information from independent.
A:  Yes, 15 volumes.
Q:  in 9 volume of that book wrote upon mymansing? Have you given any interview there?
A: I have given numerous interviews to the people but nothing knew whether it reveled or not.
Q: Has ordinary pardoning been approved for 30 thousands of that lists.
A:  All of them had not entitled pardoning but some of them got this chance.
Q: Dr Siraj Uddin,than the principle of Anandha Mohan collage, is now well in Dhaka city?
A: It is not true.
Q: You have shown Dr.Siraj Uddin of illness owing to not confessing as you expected?
A: This is not true.
Q: During 1971, kamruzzaman was a student of intermediate than he never enlisted as voter?
A: I do not know.
Q: You had not met with Kamruzzaman before June of 1969 or 1970. Then he was a student of Ashek mahmud collage in Jamalpur?
 A: That is not true.
Q: He did not appeared at in practical exam owing to illness and not passed?
A: I did not know.
Q: Having commenced “the non-cooperation movement” after admitted in nasiarabad collage, He got back to his pastoral area.
A: This was not true.
Q: Have you any time met with Kamruzzaman within 1969, 70, 71?
A: This was not true.
Q: why have you not said to investigation officer concerning to work during 1971 for Awami league?
A: I said them about this.