Tuesday, 21st February, 2017
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j‘Siyam’ (Ramadan) practice of Prof Ghulam Azam at prison cell being hampered, Syeda afifa Azam
Sunday, 22nd July, 2012
Mrs Syeda Afifa Azam said that the government has been mentally torturing her detained husband and elderly Prof Ghulam Azam through creating bars in practicing religious activities especially in the holy month Ramadan.

The detained Professor and language movement hero Ghulam Azam has been depressed as his bail was bail. Earlier his lawyers sought bail for the sack of performing the fasting and other worships including ‘Etikaf’ in Ramadan considering his ill health condition.

After he suddenly became senseless at the Tribunal at about 11:30 am on July 19, he was transferred to BIRDEM hospital and then taken back to BSMMU. BIRDEM specialists recommended two tests of Prof Ghulam Azam but the authorities are yet to do it. At this age, any severe accident any time is not abnormal. So, his necessary tests and appropriate treatment should be ensured soon, she said.

She said that obstruction in religious activities is tantamount to repression. Besides, the jail authorities have remained reluctant even after the court order to provide Islamic books to him.

It’s frustrating that the jail authorities are reluctant to provide necessary facilities for the detained Islamic scholar. She hoped the concerned authorities will be sincere regarding the issues.

Ghulam Azam has conveyed congratulation of holy Ramadan to the country’s people, Syeda Afifa, wife Prof Azam, said.

Prof Azam is praying for the country’s people so that they can perform fasting well and obtain mercy, forgiveness and salvation in Ramadan. He also sought prayer (doa) from the people for him so that he can perform fasting and practice other religious activities well in the holy month Ramadan, she added.
It may be mentioned that former Jamaat chief Ghulam Azam, after coming to tribunal, has become sick. Tribunal-1, having informed, permitted him to take in hospital.

Later he was sent to Ibrahim cardiac hospital (BARDEM) in the capital. Later the leader was taken back to Babghabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University’s prison sell.