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Confession of IO of sayedee’s trail in tribunal:Freedom fighters, killer of 60 Pakistan armies, did not comprise in witness
Saturday, 21st July, 2012
Tribunal-1 recorded cross-examination of investigation officer of a case filed against Jamaeet Islami leader Mawlana Delwar Hossin sydee for his alleged involvement in crime against humanity during the liberation war.He confesed  in tribunal-1 that noboby have been made as witnesses who killed 60 persons Pakistan Armies. Halal Uddin said during deposition in tribuna-1 yesterday on Thursday, Having informed by a woman name vagiroti, Freedom fighters had attacked upon them and killed about 50/60 army. Those fighters have not been comprised as witness and not interrogated at the same time nothing held in my note. Later Vagiroti was being killed by Pakistan army in tortuous manner but her son Gonesh Chandro Roy was not taken as eye witness of this litigation because than he was 5 years old. Nonetheless, the age of Gonesh has shown in report as 2/3.Whether you yourself have filed a petition to bring him as witness to tribunal-1 answering to such question Helal said that I filed a petition to process issued. Prior to the answering he said also nothing cited in my note. defance lawyer Mijanur Rahman said to hi m I actually want accurate answer Yes or not. Above this question the chairman and another member got in conflict. Jahir Ahmed said to witness to deliver directly answer but chairman made contradict to another member. Therefore, Jahir Ahmad said that this question should be done by me. Three questions have done by the name of tribunal and one has set aside on account to contradiction by the Chairman.
Following the cross-examinations have done to him.

Q:  To whom you have gone to collect any news relating to the situation of Fakir das?
A: I have tried to go various persons including Mahbub Alam.
Q: Have you informed to district police of Perujpur for examining the authenticity of four lists?
A: I have not required any document.
Q: Was a list of Rajakers not true?
A: This was true.
Q: Hundreds of women have been raped. Why you did not take anybody to witness?
A: They have not found.
Q: Tell us 20 names whoever have been raped?
A: Mohamaya, Annor Ali, Komala Ali, Vangon Saha, Chobi roy, Shefali Ghorami, Vagiroti, the others I could not say owing to not mentioned.
Q: Have you gotten any information relating to raped women rather than said 7 women?
A: I have gotten.
Q: Could you tell us names of fathers, brothers or even mothers without those 7 women?
A: This question is totally irrelevant.
Q: those allegations brought against Sydee not proved. No allegation of rape has written down to Vagiroti in your record?
A: nothing has cited in my note.
Q: No allegation of rape has been found against sydee. Those names you only referred with a view to non-existence of them who is never possible to be present in tribunal?
A: Not true.
Q: Where you have gotten that golam Ajam directed to A, K, M, Yusuf, Syed Md.Afzal, Sydee to make a peace committee at parerhat?
A: Evidence has not been outwitted owing to death of the Chairman of peace committee. All documents belonged to him.
Q: Who was the secretary of peace committee in Ferojpuir?
A: I could not recall.
Q: How many persons were in local peace committee?
A: I could not recall. It was same too the Ferozepur town.
Q: Had Khan Bahadur syed Md. Afzal been arrested after freedom?
A: I could not recall.
Q: When Afzal had been died?
A: Nothing in my note and I could not recall.
Q: Have you gone to his house in order to collect documents?
A: No.
Q: Have you gone to Hularhat?
A: Yes.
Q: Has there any residing at Hularhat
A: A few houses were there but various shops were there.
Q: Have you gotten anybody who observed directly to pass over Hularhat to Ferozpur?
A: No name of eye-witness has been found.
Q: Have you deposited to anyone at Hularhat during investigation?
A: It had not done.
Q: How long the distance is between Hularhat and Firuzpuir high school?
 A: Nothing in my note.
Q: Had the Pakistan army committed any offence during back from Hularhat?
A: No defined information has cited in my note.
Q: Whether the old Bus stand, New bus stand, LGED building, Hospital, SDO office were included into whole Ferozepur town?
A: Yes.
Q: How long distance would be between P, S high school to Baleswr river quay?
A: Approximately two kilometers.
Q: How long the distance between Baleswer River to The premises of house of Vagiroti?
A: Approximately half kelomiter in the west.
Q: To what side The Vagiroti premise is existed from Vagiroti house?
A: 10 kilometers far away.
Q: Whether the son of Vagiroti, Gones chondra shaha is eye witness of her killing?
A: yes.
Q: Where Vagiroti were being rounded throughout the town?
A:  She was being drugged and pulled throughout the town but killed in premises.
Q: How older was Gonesh Chandre shaha during 1971?
A: Only 5 years old.
Q: Have you recorded his deposition?
A: Yes.
Q: The son of Vagiroti was alive this information took from whom?
A: Local resident of that particular area.
Q: When you took this deposition?
A: On 5/4/2011.
Q: Where you resided in that moment?
A: In circuit house.
Q: Have you met with Ganesh on 5/4/2011?
A: Day after this date.
Q: Where you called for?
A: At circuit house.
Q: Whether have you asked the uncle of Ganesh is alive during investigation?
A: This is not cited in my not.
Q: Whether there were any camps rather than at Firozepur high school and Razlokki high school?
A: I have never informed during investigation.
Q: Gonesh was 5 years old during 71 that were not gave to you by himself?
A: He told me as2/3 years old during investigation.
Q: giving the news to freedom fighters of Pakistan army, they killed all of them. Those fighters were not been witness?
A: Nobody was taken as witness. Not interrogated that is not mentioned in my note.
Q: Whether the fighter Matiur Rahman Sarder and Chairman Matiur Rahman is the same persons?
A: Distinguished persons.
Q: Whether the matiur Rahman is alive or not?
A: I could not recall.
Q: What do you mean by present Chairman?
A: since the Chairman of Upazela, interrogation has not done.
Q: Gonesh said his mother had been taken away through motorbike and killed in river quay whether it has been cited or not?
A: Yes.
Q: Have He cited in his deposition a place name Majirgat?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you gotten any presses from tribunal in order to be produced the Gonesh chandra shaha to tribunal as witness?
A: I got the process.
Q: Whether you have gone to house?
A: Yes.
Q: have you given any report?
A: I have delivered two reports. Being angry you were asked