Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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News & Press Release
The attention of the Tribunal was drwan for the news of the Daily Nayadiganta
Sunday, 08th July, 2012
The attenntion of the Tribunal-1 was drawn for the publication of the news of the Daily Nayadiganta reported on the cross-examination of the first witness against Professor Golam Azam.

 When the members of the tribunal sat in the tribunal under the leadership of the Cahirman,  Justice Nizamul Hoque Nasim, Prosecutor Ziad Al Ma’lum drawn such attention.  “Muntasir  Mamun did not research on the Agartola conspiracy. The stement is denied after giving depostion”. Zaid al Malum showing this headline said that a defamatory statment and news has been published against the honourable witness. Other  witne will not come in the fear of defamation. The bad news is giving to the nation. Such messsage is giving to the international arena as well.Tribunal chairman wanted to know whether any reporter of the Daily Nayadiganta, Reporter Mehedi Hasan give his identity standing in the tribunal. He was asked whether he had any idea about the proceedings of the court. Mehedi said being silent for sometimes, “I do not know the laws and all proceedings of the court. I wanted to write what I saw in the court”.  In this phase the cahiman said, “The speech may be changed by the witness so far he is in the dock. He has such right. We said earlier a newspaper to be be careful. We are also saying the same speech, be careful. We are demanding the assistance of all of you.
 Advocate mizanul Islam said, “I read the Daily Prothom alo, Nayadiganta, Sangram, Janakath etc in the morning. If we see the news of the Daily Nayadiganta, we will see, the news of nayadiganta is the full incidecne which was occurred in the court. But other news papers misled the news by heading false and fabricated issue. So the news of the other newspapwer is defamatory for the court”. Tribunal Cahirman again requested all to be careful.